A beautiful St. Lucia Golf Resort is really out of the way. That is because of Design.

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The same will apply in St. Lucia, Mr. Cowan-Dewar said. He hired London architect Richard Evans, who recently designed the Six Senses resort in the Seychelles, for a uniform design for the hotel and the residences. or to customize their houses through a menu with colors and materials.

"We want to maximize privacy and maximize sun and wind protection," said Mr. Evans, but added that he wanted guests to "experience the sound of the ocean."

"I hope you will spend the best times with your friends and family in this extraordinary place," he said, "but also the best night's sleep, which is one of the greatest luxuries at the moment."

Mr. Cowan-Dewar visited the Caribbean four years ago and wanted to solve Cabot Links's "winter wave problem." I remind all our American friends that the ocean water of Nova Scotia is the warmest north of the Carolinas, and although we have these really moderate summers with 77 degrees of ocean water, just like Long Island, we don't play golf in December, January and February. ”

He was looking for projects that were demolished after the recession and that were easy could be reached by air and had a shared sense of British history when he & # 39; t encountered this site in St. Lucia, for which Jack Nicklaus had made a route plan and started construction. ”Following Mr. Emperor he: & # 39; was literally breathtaking. I had the same feeling as 15 years ago when I went to Inverness. "

But its beauty will present challenges.

Along with the problem of integrating real estate with golf, Mr. Coore said that the topography and agronomic properties of the island are not in some ways Mr. Coore and Mr. Crenshaw practice what is called minimalism in golf course design, which tries to use what the country has, instead of using heavy equipment to move the earth or bring in additional materials.

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