Bryson DeChambeau takes Matthew Fitzpatrick & # 039; as a compliment & # 039;

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DeChambeau won his first major at the US Open last month -14 M Laird (Sco), P Cantlay (US), B Harman (US), P Malnati (US), A Cook (US); -13 B DeChambeau (US) Selected others: -12 S Garcia (Spa); -9 L Oosthuizen (SA); -8 T Lewis (Eng); -7 L Donald (Eng)

Bryson DeChambeau says he echoes Matthew Fitzpatrick's comments that his great hitting power takes the skill out of play " as a compliment ”.

DeChambeau is currently halfway through the game one shot from the lead at Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.

But the Englishman Fitzpatrick, who plays at the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth, says the American is "a bit of a joke " of the game.

"I appreciate that comment," said the 27-year-old US Open champion.

] "A year ago I never made it as far as I am now. It took a lot of work, a lot of hours to work through the night to get much of this. sort things out.

[1 9459030] "I'd say it actually takes more skill to do what I do."

Previously said Fitzpatrick of the American, “He's just taking the skill out of it in my opinion. I'm sure many will disagree. It's just crazy.

DeChambeau claimed his first major dominantly last month, winning with six shots as the only player to underperform on Winged Foot.

The American has added more than 40 pounds in the past year in an attempt to push the ball further and overpower courses.

And it worked, he performed best in distance category on the PGA Tour last year averaged 322 meters, while Fitzpatrick was 121st with an average of 294.

"This game gave me the chance to show you something really special", he said.

"I feel like I'm going down a path that puts me ahead of everyone else. I think that's a skill set when you look at it.

"I think it takes a little more skill to do what I do and that's why there are only a few people doing it here. Anyway, it's harder to do more fairways. like I do today with the rules. "

Fitzpatrick says he doesn't think he can compete with someone who hits the ball up to DeChambeau and is" tired of everyone. talk about "the American's approach.

"I'm going to be biased because I'm not the tallest, but at Winged Foot – fair play to him, he won and shot six – the fairways were tight and I drove there brilliant in, I actually played pretty well and I'm miles behind, "added Fitzpatrick.

"He's in the rough and miles up and he's hitting wedges all over. It just kind of makes a mockery, I guess.

[194590] 52 ] "I took a look at ShotTracker yesterday, some of the places it hit it and when it's on, it's no use, does it?

"It doesn't matter if I'm playing my best, he'll be 50 yards from the tee and all I can compete with is putting, and that's just ridiculous . "

When asked if he wanted the game's governing bodies to limit the distance achieved with modern equipment, Fitzpatrick added," I really hope they do. in my opinion it is not a skill to hit the ball.

"I could put on 40 pounds. I could go to a biomechanic, I could get another five inches on my driver and I could gain 40 yards. But the skill, in my opinion, is to hit the ball straight.

Martin Laird from Scotland shares the lead at the Las Vegas event with 14 under par, alongside Americans Brian Harman, Austin Cook, Peter Malnati and Patrick Cantlay.

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