Coronavirus brings together financial problems in the sport of women

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It didn't matter if she had to wear a thick winter jacket or if her face felt numb in the cold. She wanted to play golf like a pro, just like her mom, Sharon, had. So she practiced enough and became good enough to play at the University of Georgia, where she was a three-time American.

To her L.P.G.A. Last year, Hollis toured the season and finished in the top 10 of the Symetra Tour, the development tour of the L.P.G.A. Along the way, she split the cost of a rental car and a hotel room with another player or stayed with host families. All that exercise and sacrifice and pounds of shoveled snow, over the years, have helped her reach this season, that has been sweeter – and shorter – than she could have ever imagined.

Hollis played in three tournaments in Australia, earned two salary checks totaling $ 21,796 and also found time to visit. She saw a show at the Sydney Opera House, walked Bondi Beach and snorkeled with sharks. But her whirlwind adventure is on pause.

While in Australia, events in China, Singapore and Thailand were canceled, so Hollis will have to wait to visit those countries for the first time. Subsequently, trips to California and Arizona, for three more events, were also removed from her schedule. She now waits for her time in a hotel near the University of Georgia. She said she is lucky to have two sponsors because her pay slips have been suspended.

"My first reaction was mixed feelings," Hollis said. "I am sad that I cannot go west, but I feel safer not to endanger myself and others. I would hate to get the virus and give it to my grandmother. This situation is serious. All I have to worry about is my career. & # 39;

At her Dallas hotel, Harrison, 26, is concerned about the health of her 60s parents. mother works in a retirement community and Harrison has asked her to stay home Harrison, who grew up in a family of 12, will not be visiting relatives or friends until her quarantine ends, a date that seems unimaginably far away.

She spends time reading the news, watching TV, creating and organizing videos about skincare or organizing her modeling portfolio She is looking forward to the WNBA season scheduled to begin May 15 under e and new collective bargaining agreement that increases her salary. That is, if there is a season.

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