DeChambeau is a favorite of the Traveler Championship

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This is golf, where the aim is to hit a small ball in a hole about 10 cm wide, The amazing power of DeChambeau has years have not yet translated into a win, although he has four top five finishes in his last five events. Accurate putting remains an essential skill and a beam-like putter in the last round of the Charles Schwab Challenge in mid-June, DeChambeau put a blow behind eventual winner Daniel Berger. A week later, DeChambeau also blamed a lack of touch on the greens for finishing eighth at the RBC Heritage.

But with its superhero build and quirky charisma, there's also a sense in the golf community that DeChambeau, which ranks 11th in the world and has won five times on the PGA Tour, may make the paradigm of a top golfer again. Future players of the sport will be more shaped as N.F.L. linebackers? And as a result, will the next generation of young golfers apply heavy weight lifting regimes to mimic DeChambeau's sturdy frame?

Social media have already found a new nickname for a trending golfer: #DeChambeauFlex.

In The link between golf and modern strength training is due in many ways to the heyday of Tiger Woods earlier this century. Woods added muscle strength in relentless weight room sessions and surpassed his contemporaries, creating a new recreational genre: golf fitness. Wood's body eventually betrayed him, leading to multiple knee reconstructions and four back surgeries.

Is DeChambeau waiting for a similar fate?

“I'm worried; I'd look a little deeper into the safety of his swing & # 39; says Joey Diovisalvi, who trained tens of professional golfers, including one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, for two decades Dustin Johnson in the biomechanics of the sport : & # 39; It is important to understand what the effects are. Let's make sure your body can handle that. & # 39;

Diovisalvi, which operates a golf training center in Jupiter, Fla. Operating, said he admired how DeChambeau has emphasized athletics in golf, but acknowledged that he had heard from many young people recently. golfers wondering if the DeChambeau regime was worth pursuing.

"Lifting too many weights or too much strain or strain on tendons, ligaments, or skeletal structure at an early age is dangerous," said Diovisalvi. "You must remember that Bryson is a grown man."

DeChambeau insists that he closely monitors the demands of his golf swing on his body with the help of fitness specialists.

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