Golf courses closed in England and Wales

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Golf courses in England and Wales are closed after the latest government measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Scottish Golf has asked golfers in Scotland to "give up golf until further notice."

] Amateur golfers were more likely to continue playing while adhering to social distance counseling.

In a statement, England Golf said the move was "very much needed and should be maintained until further notice."

It added, "Keeping golf courses open is simply no longer compatible with the government's updated policy designed to save lives in a time of national emergencies."

Wales Golf said, "Obviously, golf clubs, courses and facilities should close with immediate effect."

There is no announcement from the Golfing Union of Ireland yet.

In a statement on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that people should only leave the house to exercise, travel to and from work once a day where "absolutely necessary", to buy essentials and to meet medical or healthcare needs.

More than 330 people have died from the virus in the UK.

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