Kemp rides high in happy place

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Sarah Kemp has continued her solid form so far at the ISPS Handa Women & # 39; s Australian Open this week

Victory does not necessarily have to be binary, as Sarah Kemp discovers kicking at the start of 2019.

While most in sports talk about winning or losing, the affable New South Welshwoman suddenly realizes that she can indeed be a monstrous winner without being on the podium.

It is not that she will stop the ISPS Handa Women & # 39; s Australian Open in the final of tomorrow to win her national crown.

It's more that Kemp, 33, is on the verge of two life-changing achievements just fourteen days after confronting a season with effectively no LPGA Tour status.

With its second-hand share in the ISPS Handa Vic Open last week, the former central coaster has done enough to "rearrange" the LPGA Tour categories and assure itself of most starts in 2019.

With her 68 today in The Grange, Kemp's five-under-par total is good for a share of the 13th category in a final round that could just as easily pack her 2020 card.

"I could not have dreamed of a better start to the year, to be honest," Kemp said after her round.

"Last week it felt like I had won, I had such a nice reception from absolutely everyone, and I was actually a bit careful about how I went this week.

"But my coach, John (Serhan), came for a few days … because I wanted to let go last week and say something like:" Look, I've had such a great week, I do not want a dayfly. Let's keep the foot on the pedal, kind of things.

& # 39; And in the brain room I was in, I took out the whole Monday. I was absolutely emotionally alienated – and that is clearly a fantastic problem.

"So, I was a bit cautious – and I started a little shaky on Thursday – I was a bit nervous, I had more attention, I saw a few more people than I ever did, but I almost went round.

"And I'm actually very proud of myself that I also put together a little bit this week, given how – like half of the previous week too.

"So I am absolutely very happy for where I am, if I can just stay where I am in the head, it should be a good year."

Kemp today made only one bogey in her round – a self-proclaimed "world class one" after two visits to the sand near the third hole – and the rest was pure, even to the point that I missed a few opportunities that would still have her closer to leader Nelly Korda.

But it does not matter much for Kemp, who has clearly found her happy place – on and off the track.

"I feel pretty good … just in a good place in life," she said.

"Everything is good – family, life, it's all right, I really do not have to worry about golf, which is just a lot of fun

"I played pretty good at the LET last year, and I just found some confidence, I think, and I did not feel as sorry for myself as I used to and just ended up in a good place, and it's paying off.

"I'm sure this is a good result because I'm likely to work all year round, not just recently, but it just falls into place and I have a little more confidence than I've ever had."

But still a realist, Kemp is fully aware of what a huge day would mean tomorrow.

"It has always been my favorite event, you are open, there is nothing greater.

"I'm asked a lot about the tournament you want to win, and it's a throw-up between the US Open and this, that's it.

"I know there is a huge difference in prize money, but … there is nothing that relates to your national open.

"So if I can go out tomorrow and … give them a bit of a fright again, it would be fun."

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