Michelle Wie West on motherhood, pain and a possible return to golf

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Michelle Wie West & # 39; s eyes weren't gutted by exhaustion, as you would expect from a first month old mother. There were no tears on her face as it was 13 months ago after her injury-plagued body had left her again, giving a touch of finality to a golf career that once seemed boundless.

This week, Who West, 30, looked and sounded refreshed during a virtual press conference to announce her appointment as an assistant captain for the 2021 Solheim Cup. She talked about motherhood and hinted at a possible return to the competition and laughed at her restless looks. & # 39; It's concealer and coffee, the two C & # 39; s, & # 39; she said laughing.

About whom West's right shoulder hung one of the many self-portraits she had painted over the years, that of a woman in black. and white with her hair piled high on top of her head, against a pastel, spongy background. The framed painting, one of the few to decorate the walls of her San Francisco home, exudes a serenity that was absent from her earlier portraits, such as her teenage years of a woman with long black hair, sad eyes, and a silted mouth.

Who West has been in the spotlight since 2000, when she became the youngest player to qualify for the American amateur woman at the age of 10. In the past two decades, she has had five L.P.G.A. titles, including the United States Women's Open 2014, earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Stanford and nearly made the cut in a PGA Tour event. Along the way, she became a sort of Rorschach test for parents who saw her story as a youth lost in the pursuit of wealth or one saved through an emphasis on education; the passion of a child fed by loving, caring parents or one that is undermined by their active involvement.

Getting older often means seeing your own youth in relief. Who West said she didn't think carefully about how to raise her daughter, Makenna Kamalei Yoona West, although she is sure: she hopes to give her the siblings she grew up as an only child, and the fluency Korean that she is so happy that her South Korean-born parents insisted.

"I remember hating my parents for always letting me go to Korean school on a Saturday," said Wie West as her daughter soothes while sleeping in her lap. "But that's something I'm definitely going to do, because being able to speak Korean is very important to me."

Her daughter, who arrived four weeks before her due date, already has a custom wedge and putter. Wie West's husband, Jonnie, an executive with the Golden State Warriors, played basketball in college in West Virginia, the alma mater of his father, Jerry.

"My husband is such a golf nerd, I'm sure he'll try to get his hands on a golf club as soon as possible, just because I really think he wants to play with her someday, & # Who said West. & # 39; We'll see if she packs a basketball or a golf club. Hopefully we put her in many sports. "

Who was West & # 39; s last competitive round of golf in June 2019, at the Women's PGA Championship in Hazeltine, outside Minneapolis. It was a largely joyless experience. Who shot West in the 1980s consecutive rounds to miss the cut After opening 12-over 84, she was desolate about her future in the game.

Her surgically repaired right hand was not getting better, she said at the time, and there were so many injuries before her neck, back, hip, knee and ankle – she had lost confidence in the functioning of her body.

& # 39; I was very depressed & # 39 ;, she said. & # 39; I had the feeling that my body was abandoning me. I was in so much pain. "

She married West two months later. The happiness she felt in her personal life countered the sadness that she felt about her stalled golf career.With her playing path hampered by injuries, Wie West started one other way and signed for camera work with Golf Channel and CBS, including as part of the Masters coverage.

And then she discovered she was pregnant

"I was so scared, so worried," said Wie West. "I was not confident that my body could carry a baby."

While Makenna grew up in her, Wie West marveled at the capabilities of her body. "From thinking, 'My body is all set, it can't do anything' to 'I made a whole person from scratch, it completely changed my relationship with my body. I am so much more confident now. & # 39;

Anyone who has had a healthy baby during a pandemic can be forgiven for thinking that her body is now capable of anything, including a return to LPGA competition.

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& # 39; I always thought my wrist hurt during a lap until I gave birth, & # 39; she joked.

Who West has started practicing again and brought her daughter to the beach between the feedings. A return to competition wave before the end of the calendar year is not out of the question, she said, but only if the spread of the coronavirus is under control. "It really really depends on the state of the world now, because her health is paramount," said Wie West.

Having the worst record in the Western Conference when the regular season was suspended in March, The Warriors fell through to the NBA playoffs in Florida, which Wie West considered a blessing disguised as a bummer .

“There was a scenario where if they went to Orlando in the bubble and I was home alone, I was quarantined, my parents couldn't & # 39; don't come, I could have been alone for a few months & # 39 ;, Who West said, & # 39; and that was a scary thought. & # 39;

In two weeks, the PGA Tour will meet in San Francisco for the PGA Championship. The field will feature former champion Justin Thomas, who is credited with helping bring Wie and West together. Both consider him a friend, and each of them secretly contacted him for information about the other after their first meeting.

Despite his matchmaking role, Thomas shouldn't count on meeting the baby while he's in town next month.

"We will not allow anyone," said Wie West.

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