Ryder Cup: & # 039; Not all good Americans win in Europe & # 039; – Harrington responds to comments from Azinger

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Paul Azinger was the US captain to Ryder Cup glory in 2008

Europe & # 39; s Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington has & # 39; coarse & # 39; rejected comments from former US captain Paul Azinger.

At the Honda Classic, Azinger suggested that European players should win on the PGA Tour and prove themselves in America.

"The comments themselves were pretty rude. His points were not formulated correctly," Harrington said.

"It didn't sound very good and it's not like all good Americans have won in Europe or around the world."

Azinger & # 39; s comments on the European Tour aroused indignation on social media and various high-profile golfers, including Ian Poulter, responded to his comments.

"He spoke to an American audience, although it went home and he spoke to 320 million Americans," added Harrington

"Unfortunately, it is on the same feed when they send it back to Europe . "

Harrington, who has won three major championships and six times on the PGA Tour, admits that it is difficult for European players to win in the United States.

"It's tough. You see many good European players coming to the United States and not winning because they feel uncomfortable in a different environment," added the 48-year-old.

"Just coming here, and traveling, it is very lonely when you play in the United States. It is really very different.

" There are many reasons why a great player not always wins here and it is not as clear as Paul Azinger wanted to distinguish. "

Triple winner Padraig Harrington will be Europe's first leader in the Ryder Cup

Harrington will be Europe's first leader in a Ryder Cup and says Azinger's comments give an extra head start on the September tournament in September Whistling straits.

"We all look at the Ryder Cup because of the little spice in it," he said.

"It's very competitive. Players are very friendly at this stage, but we all want to win and that's why it's the Ryder Cup and not the President & # 39; s Cup.

"I am convinced that they can do the work, but it will be very difficult, the US will be a strong side at home.

"If you go to a traditional American golf course, you need a & # 39; Miracle of Medinah & # 39; to win in situations like that, but Whistling Straits gives us a chance.

"I look at the team and the players who could do it, but it is something completely different to produce and win the goods."

McDowell will probably be in some form at Ryder Cup his & # 39; & # 39;

After Graeme McDowell missed a playground in the Ryder Cup team in Europe in Northern Ireland, he revived and Harrington says he could force himself to fight.

"Being a potential vice-leader in my teams seems like a good way to get your shape started. Graeme has won, Lee Westwood has won and Luke Donald almost won last week.

"They are guys I will think about, but it is nice to see Graeme win, he is in good shape and he has a good chance to make the team too."

Graeme McDowell was Deputy Captain at the Ryder Cup 2018 under Thomas Bjorn

Harrington also said that Rory McIlroy should be in top form if Europe had to leave Whistling Straights victories.

"It doesn't really matter if he is called world number one or not, Rory is the biggest draw in the game," he said.

"I just want Rory in shape, it doesn't matter if he is one, two or three in the world.

" He's the kind of player you take to the golf course with your team want to lead. He's been in a nice shape for about a year, so I'm just telling him to keep that shape. "

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