Third bad luck – Pepperell disqualified in Qatar due to score card error

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Pepperell won the Qatar Masters in 2018

The Englishman Eddie Pepperell again suffered a disqualification after a scorecard error with the Qatar Masters.

The 29-year-old world number 63 was the highest ranked player in the field and won the Qatar event in 2018.

But after he noticed that his game partner had registered an incorrect score, he made the switch to the wrong hole.

Pepperell was also disqualified for a scorecard error at the BMW International Open 2018 and in November he no longer had balls at the Turkish Open.

Explanation of his last accident, the Oxfordshire golfer, who placed seven birdies in an eventful level par 71 at the new Education City Golf Club designed by Jose Maria Olazabal, wrote on Twitter: "My total, 71 , was correct and I did indeed sign it.

"my partner had me five on one hole, where I made a six, and a four on another, where I made three. I picked it up and changed the card to reflect the fact that I actually made a six on hole 11 as opposed to a five, and a three on hole 16 as opposed to a four.

"However, I accidentally changed the 17th hole, not the 16th hole on my score card, and handed it in.

" That is why this meant that I was disqualified. Very disappointing, because I actually took the time to change the original error, only to make a more expensive one myself. I asked the referee if this had an impact on my disqualification, but it didn't.

"The rules are the rules and I accept that 100%, but I can't help but that this specific method of disqualification is quite a distance away from common sense, and that is also disappointing."

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