U.S. Open: Bryson DeChambeau wins its way – by a wide margin

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MAMARONECK, N.Y. – Bryson DeChambeau won the United States Open 2020 with six strokes as power trumps accuracy at Winged Foot Golf Club. He beat 21-year-old Matthew Wolff to win the tournament, which was held without fans on Sunday.

The most repeated and accepted prediction before the US Open was that the golf course would overwhelm the field. with its time-honored combination of elusive fairways and punishing rugged.

That prediction was not wrong. Every golfer but one failed to underperform in this year's championship.

But the most forward-looking prediction came from the only player with a sub-par score in the event, DeChambeau, 27, the college's beefy physics major who theorized he would overwhelm Winged Foot with tee shots until now bombard that it would be irrelevant whether his ball was in the fairway. Almighty distance would overshadow precision.

Not only was DeChambeau right, after his runaway 6-stroke victory at the 120th US Open on Sunday, golf itself may be on the verge of embracing the new methodologies it is embracing. During the coronavirus hiatus from golf, DeChambeau threw himself into an extreme weightlifting routine that added 40 pounds to his physique, most of it in his upper body. Since then, he routinely outperforms his competitors by 50 yards or more on some holes. largely considered a finesse sport, now have the validation of a major championship title.

Tens of thousands of young golfers who watched DeChambeau dominate the field while easily surpassing third round leader Matthew Wolff with a final lap 67 could have moved to rival the new hard-swinging US Open champion . So, in fact, many of his brothers, even those who mock DeChambeau, would be overly eccentric.

Most of the 20-year-old professional golfers, like 21-year-old Wolff, already swing harder and do more strength training than their predecessors. But DeChambeau has gone further than anyone else and not just symbolically. His average ride from the tee was 325 meters, the longest for any US Open champion.

"I just wanted to get on with the status quo," DeChambeau, whose four-day score was 274, or 6-under par.

He did that and more. Next, DeChambeau will focus his iconoclastic considerations on capturing the Augusta National Golf Club, the site of the Masters Tournament in two months' time. Almost devoid of roughness, the golf course is prone to a power play, especially now that DeChambeau proved he could at Winged Foot, where the winning score was five-over-par the last time the club hosted the US Open. , in 2006.

DeChambeau celebrated winning his first major tournament, enthusiastically pumping both arms after sinking his putt on the 18th green. Greeted with a video call from his parents at the clubhouse, DeChambeau stopped the tears when the moment came.

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