Understanding Shot Patterns and Targets

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Golfers at all levels struggle to make optimal decisions when it comes to target selection. One of the main reasons why this happens is that players are not taught to navigate the course when they first enter the game. Most of the time and attention is devoted to learning the mechanics of the golf swing.

Shot spreading, and how it applies to choosing the right targets, is one of my favorite subjects in golf. At first glance, it may seem a bit dull and bland, but wrapping your head around dispersion is essential if you want to become a better golfer. In this article, I share a video with you that connects a lot of valuable information.

Why dispersion is so important

Since I started Practical Golf, one of the core topics I have wanted golfers to remember has been an understanding of what kind of strokes they can expect on the course. The rewards are usually twofold: happier golfers getting lower scores.

When I wrote this article showing my recording patterns with different clubs, many readers had a very positive response and told me how much eye opener it was. For me, it was also an important reminder why choosing smart goals on the job can save long-term success.

A visual representation of my driver's pattern

Scott Fawcett, creator of DECADE Golf, is arguably one of the best communicators in the coaching world when it comes to this topic. He has given me permission to share another video from his DECADE Foundations app (you can watch the first video here). I encourage you to take 13 minutes out of your day to watch the following clip:

Some professional golfers have gone through their entire career without learning this basic concept (trust me, I've seen the evidence). Regardless of the player's level, understanding this basic truth about golf can be a complete game changer .

More information Foundations

Usually I don't recommend many digital products. If you are interested in purchasing DECADE Foundations, I have arranged a $ 25 discount for Practical Golf readers through this link (no discount code required). Instead of $ 99.99 for six months, you can get it for $ 75.

Here is a visual representation of how the content is given to you for six months:

Many Practical Golf readers have already signed up, and I think that if you take the time to put into practice what you learn, you will see great results on your scorecard.

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