& # 039; extracted & # 039; Lee makes a promise to fight back

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Min Woo Lee gets conditional status in Europe in 2020. Image: Getty

Brilliant young Australian pro Min Woo Lee has promised to "come back stronger and better" from the sadness to miss his European Tour card this week after previously believing that his position was safe.

Lee, 21, finished only two places from the top 115 players who received tickets for 2020, after a few weeks earlier he had believed that he had secured his rights.

The young man from Perth had told everyone around him that he had enough points of his strong finish in a series of inviting starts this year, even posting on Instagram that he had "locked up" his card.

But today he admitted that he had made a mistake.

He poured out his heart on Instagram:

"Well, well, this game can be so good, but it can also be cheeky," he wrote. “I missed a full card on the European Tour through two places, probably only a few shots throughout the year. I thought I packed my tour card earlier in the year, but I was wrong. Which is bad. But I learned a lesson. Do your best and every shot indeed counts.

“But damn it, you're thinking of a putt or a shot you've missed. I have the status next year and will probably play more events than I did this year, which is still a pretty good effort to get a limited number of starts this year. I come back stronger and better. And always, thanks for the support. "

Lee, a member of the rookie team at Golf Australia, turned professional in early 2019 and quickly impressed with the invitations from his sponsor. He had no play rights, but his results were good enough to suggest that he had enough Race To Dubai points – 380 was the goal they were after – to get a card for the 2020 season. Lee certainly believed he had done enough and so did the people in his camp.

He even needed about 450 points. Lee, from Royal Fremantle, finished in 440th place in 117th place on the table.

His coach, Ritchie Smith, told Golf Australia that he was stunned last weekend when Lee texted him to say that his position was "tight". But Smith said that in the longer term, Lee could benefit from the & # 39; kick in the teeth & # 39 ;.

Lee has been told that he can expect 15-20 starts with the category 18 or conditional status he has earned by playing so well this year.

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