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Bailey Goodall, Rupert Toomey, Harrison Gomez, Millie Cassidy, Molly McLean, Portia Hall

Most sport-oriented primary school students try a whole range of different sports at school, which they enjoy and love. For the students who love golf, the primary years are the beginning of an exciting journey to this amazing game. Most of them start by learning the basic movements of the swing, others follow group lessons at their local golf club and a few create extravagant chipping games around the putting green. For the participants in the Premier Primary State Final of School Sport Victoria, however, it is clear that their journey to the game is certainly in the fast forward mode.

On an almost perfect golf day, the scorers cabin was ready to see some low scores, but they did not expect what would happen in the chase for the boys title. Rupert Toomey (Sacred Heart Parish Primary) rounded off his round on a score of 7-under 64, a round with a hole in one on the 8th and a chip in birdie. His card was won by the scorers and Rupert jumped ahead with 5 shots for club house leader Bailey Goodall (Orrvale Primary) after his round of 2-under 69. In a few minutes however, Harrison Gomez (Holy Rosary Primary) changed everything when his card was returned, counted and confirmed for a 9th round of 62. A round in which no bogeys were included and a total of 29 for the backnine. Harrison was also crowned champion in 2017 and now claims the only boy who goes back in the history of events. With Harrison to go another year in the event we can see something magical in 2019.

In the girls' department, Molly McLean (Rye Primary) improved her second place in 2017 with a victory in 2018. Molly did not have the ideal start for the event with a back injury that prevented her preparation and limited her shots only for irons. A lap of 4-over 75 without the use of a single driver or 3 wood was super impressive. Molly, however, had some tight challenges with Portia Hall (Beaconhills College) just a single slider with a 5-over 76. In third place ended Millie Cassidy (Maryborough Education Center) with a 9-round round of 80.

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