ALPG and PGA conclude cooperation agreement

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ALPG and PGA of Australia members combine during Blitz Golf.

On International Women's Day, the ALPG and the PGA of Australia are pleased to announce that they have entered into a cooperation agreement that proposes to analyze the activities, assets and services of both governing bodies

As the agencies responsible for the management and management of professional golfing in Australia, mutual respect has always existed, but a formalized intention to create commercial opportunities is expected to strengthen the industry and provide new leadership for professional golfing in Australia.

"The PGA of Australia and ALPG have always had a strong and close working relationship.This formal agreement is our way of demonstrating our firm commitment to working together on real opportunities," said Gavin Kirkman, CEO of the PGA of Australia, who also owns the ISPS HANDA PGA Tour or Australasia.

"This is a natural development for golf in Australia, but it also represents an exciting time in which both the professional games for men and women are flourishing.We are in charge of leading our own halves of professional golf, but together we can be much more influential proponents of professional golf, both here in Australia and abroad. "

Karen Lunn, CEO of the ALPG added: "Our two organizations worked together in 2015 to develop a dual ALPG / PGA membership category and a bridge route, allowing ALPG members to now achieve full membership of the PGA.

"As a result of further discussions in the past six months, we are delighted to be able to announce this cooperation at the next level that can only have a positive impact on our game in Australia."

As part of the cooperation process, nine chances have been identified for the PGA and the ALPG to collaborate more effectively for the benefit of the game. Some of these priorities include:

• Joint government relations and commercial initiatives

• Production of world-class tournaments to improve player and fan experience, resulting in more play opportunities

• A more holistic approach to high-performance golf in Australia with a focus on athletes

• To jointly promote and market both memberships in order to increase the profile and success of individuals

However, the interests of the ALPG and the PGA professional are at the forefront of this arrangement.

"The PGA of Australia and ALPG are both member organizations and Tours, the best interests of both our members have contributed to these discussions", added Kirkman

"Australia consistently produces some of the most talented male and female professional golfers in the world and we believe that by working more closely together, we can ensure that this continues well into the future.

"However, it's not just about producing the next Karrie Webb or Greg Norman, it's about opening up other ways for a career in golf, we want to identify and nurture the best coaching talent in Australia and specifically increase the number of female coaches. . "

Since the female sport has come to the fore in Australia thanks to AFLW and Women & # 39; s Big Bash League, golf still has a lot of work to do to better recognize the female golf population.

"A career in professional golf should be a goal of all young golfers, male or female, and an equal representation of male and female golfers is a challenge that we inspire together", added Kirkman

This agreement between the ALPG and the PGA is the result of months of discussion and is intended to provide the platform for both entities to take the lead in better commercialization of the existing assets, but also to develop new opportunities for professional golfers and golfers. .

Both parties anticipate the results to offer better gender equality in golf, better career opportunities and a more attractive participation sport for women.

"This is an exciting time for women's sport in Australia, and ALPG's continuing collaboration with the PGA in a number of areas will ensure that the professional wave of women in Australia continues to flourish," Lunn added

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