Are you too old to start playing golf?

Posted by on November 01, 2018  /   Posted in golf technology

You just retired. You have never been so interested in golfing, but now that you have some time left, you wonder if you should pick up the game. Your friends play a lot and you feel a bit excluded. So the big question for you is "Am I too old to start playing golf?"

In short – no way! Of course you have to be realistic about the skill level that you can actually achieve, but golf is a game for everyone … young and old, beginners and experts. You are never too old to pick up the amazing golf game. You have the great opportunity to spend time with your friends and partner on the golf course and perhaps to travel to play beautiful courses across the country and around the world.

There are two things you have to do to get started

1. Take some lessons. Do not just go with your golfmates to the driving range and let them give you some tips. You can take your game to a level where you can get on the track, but you get frustrated quickly. Trust a golf professional so that you can learn solid golf fundamentals. Each golf course has a staff competition professional who can give you private lessons. You could take a golf clinic, but I would suggest you take a handful of private lessons so that you get the special attention you need to start the right way.

2. Learn golf etiquette. New golfers sometimes feel intimidated by the informal rules and etiquette associated with golf. Although there is no reason to be intimidated, it is essential to learn basic etiquette not to disturb others with whom you could play. Most golfers are very patient with beginning golfers who will take the wrong direction. However, they become frustrated when you are unaware of your shadow on the tee and green, walking or moving as they prepare to hit or with other etiquette miscues. Just talk to one of your golfing friends and they can give you the short list of etiquette. Better still, walk around a few laps with your friends and see how they act. You will get a great practice and learn the game too!

When you are ready to play, consider playing when a job is less crowded – usually late in the afternoon on weekdays. That way you will not feel stressed about slowing down the game. If you're just starting out, it's also fine to just pick up your ball when you're struggling with a hole. Do not delay the game. Not only is it disrespectful to other golfers, it will also emphasize you. Just grab your ball and wait to play with your group in the next hole.

Do not worry about your score when you're just starting out. Just enjoy the game and the challenge. You'll be bitten by the wavebug for too long … there's only one of those well-wished shots that you feel so good that you come back for more. Golf is a great game and it does not differentiate on the basis of age!

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