#AusAm: Barbieri digs double deep

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Four Aussies, four internationals.

That is the result of a marathon race of the Australian Amateur Championship for men at Woodlands, when the quarter-finalists established themselves in remarkably disparate ways.

Australia is represented by Victorian Kyle Michel and three impressive New South Welshmen, with Blake Windred from Charlestown and his Monash companion Nathan Barbieri representing the opposites of qualifying best on a day that is being besieged by a three hour delay for one electric storm.

Windred, the number 2-seed, was the only player in the morning field who completed his Round of 32 match for the delay of 10 hours and even found time for a snooze in the 4.5-hour gap for his round of 16 clashes .

State teammate Barbieri, conversely, was the last match of the job after being taken to 20 holes by impressive Canberran Harry Bolton in an epic round of 32 clashes.

After having eaten lunch, he was the last game in the Tour of 16 and approached 20 hours when he eliminated the brave German Alex Herrman to advance 3 & 2 after a full 36 holes and more than 12 hours on or around the job.

Barbieri is confronted with the Singaporean surprise pack Donovan Lee, who was of course the second to last winner who had gathered five successive birdies to start his match against the 2017 champion, Matias Sanchez, and then wait for greetings 3 and 2.

Windred, who then stands for German lefthanded Jannik De Bruyn, is suddenly the player with the highest ranking at world level no. 25 after the last in a series of setbacks during the game of the afternoon

New Zealand & # 39; s World No.19 Daniel Hillier was sent in a suit by Michel, who then overturned the Irish Conor Purcell, who ended the title defense of Keita Nakajima in the morning, by the end of the afternoon and the Thomas Sloman 3 & 2 of England overturned

The German Michael Hirmer ended the other hope of England when he set seven holes in his opening with seven birdies to establish a 2 & 1 victory over Michael Farr.

Alice Springs revelation The accusation of Jake Hughes came to an end when he met Justin Warren, the Sydney city singer, whose 6 & 4 victory was super impressive and a sign that he is indeed ready to take the professional leap when he halfway through the year graduating.

Warren plays Hirmer tomorrow in the first men's quarterfinals, with the game at 7.30.

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