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Volume student Josh Holbrook celebrates his golf success.

Tiger Woods earned the praise and admiration of golfers and sports enthusiasts around the world as he emerged from a career-threatening back injury to win his fifth US Masters golf title in April.

But more importantly for a Sunshine Coast family, Tiger & # 39; s main displacing victory pulled their 15-year-old son away from the computer screen and back to the golf course where he had once shown signs of perhaps mimicking Tiger's performance .

Joshua, a 10-year-old student, started playing golf at the age of 10 and within two years played a handicap of 14. In 2015, as a member of Headland Golf Club & # 39; s Junior Pennant team, he was named Sunshine Coast Golf Zone Junior Pennant player of the year, and was

regularly beat the best youngsters on the coast.

Suddenly, however, his focus changed. Josh started skating and lived near the beach, he also took a preference for boarding and surfing – good, healthy activities.

Then a trendy video game called Fortnite intervened. Josh abruptly lost interest not only in golf but also in the other sports he played. He estimates that he would spend three hours a day playing the game for almost two years.

"We didn't know what to do," says his father, Jamie, a broker who regularly beat Adam Scott when they were both juniors at the Twin Waters Golf Club.

"His mother (Agi) and I knew it was not healthy for him to play in this room in his room, but as other parents can confirm, the solution is not as simple as saying" don't play it "."

Josh eventually lost the penny when he was convinced that his father applied to see the 2019 Masters from Augusta. Josh was so confused by the tournament, and the astonishing victory by Tiger, it was the catalyst for him to fall in love again with golf.

"I was obsessed with Fortnite – I appreciate that now," Josh confessed.

"When I looked at the Masters, and in particular the way Tiger played, I realized how much I had missed golf. I also thought how much better I would have been if I had spent those three hours a day practicing."

Josh is definitely back in the swing. Playing his new handicap of 17, he won the Junior May Monthly Medal at Headland and followed it with a smashing victory in the C Grade Club Championships two weeks later. And to the delight of the family, Josh and his father also won a four-ball game at Headland, where Josh contributed 28 of their 45 points.

"It's just great to have him back. His mother and I are ecstatic," said a proud and delighted Jamie.

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