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At one point everyone felt the shame to have sweat stains. Whether you are at a wedding ceremony in the summer heat, giving a presentation at work or just a little stressed, there is nothing worse than lifting your arms to reveal those sodden wells.

Someone has decided to solve this problem. A new starting clothing brand from Detroit, named Lawrence Hunt, makes women's shirts and polo's for men and women who sit comfortably and help remove those nasty sweat stains with high-quality fabric.

Recently I got the chance to try out their shirt and performance polo and was very impressed with the design and comfort.

Recalling the traditional shirt shirt

Many working professionals will spend the majority of their lives in a shirt. For the most part they were not very comfortable and did not help people who are prone to sweating. In the past few years, many brands have started to rediscover shirts by making them more comfortable with materials you would see in athletic clothing.

While it may be uncomfortable to talk about axillary stains, everyone knows how embarrassing they may be. The founder of Lawrence Hunt, Jeff Schattner, got the idea for a sweat-resistant shirt during a summer wedding for the first time. As he began to soak through his shirt, an idea arose.

Jeff went looking for a product that took the moisture-wicking fabric from, among others, Under Armor and combined it with the style of a traditional shirt. With the help of fashion designers and fabric manufacturers, he had his first product available in a Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

The end product was a shirt made mainly of soft cotton, but had a separate play fabric built into the armpits that no one would see.

You can read more information in this video:

My impressions

Lawrence Hunt mainly designs traditional shirts, but they have two performance polo & # 39; s that can be worn on the golf course (or elsewhere). I could try both products both on and off the golf course.

I start with the polo because this is a golf course.

The performance polo is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is very light, & # 39; elastic & # 39 ;, and is good on days when you start to sweat a little more on the track.

Male model alert!

I like the design very much; it is more on the modern side. The polo has a narrower fit, so you must first view the size charts before you order. In short, it's a great golf shirt, and you can certainly get away with it if you wear this look nonchalantly. Although they currently only have two designs, I was told that a number will appear in the coming months because of their popularity.

On to the main event – the Lawrence Hunt shirt.

I do not work in an office, so wearing a shirt is not a daily occurrence. However, I estimate that I will wear one about 30-40 times a year, so they are still important to me.

When I wear a shirt, I'm used to not the same comfort as in a T-shirt (that I wear while I write this article in my home office).

A closer look at the difference in the material around the armpit

I have worn the flagship shirt of Lawrence Hunt several times, and here I like it. The shirt looks great, the overall feeling is very comfortable and soft, the fit is perfect and finally the armpit fabric does its job without being noticeable.

I can not say how the armpit fabric can withstand different sweat conditions, but I did an informal test. I wore the shirt on my spin-bike (yes, I looked ridiculous), I got pretty good sweat that would usually create a visible armpit spot. While the shirt I was wearing was white, I still could not detect any noticeable moisture that would be visible to a casual observer.

Depending on the color of the shirt and the extremity of your sweating, that could change your experience. But based on what I've been through, I think Lawrence Hunt's shirts will cease their claims and the embarrassment of & # 39; casual jerseys & # 39; will alleviate.


I really liked both shirts from Lawrence Hunt. The polo is a worthy addition to my collection and I look forward to some other colors and designs from them further on.

More importantly, I believe you will be very impressed with their shirts. Apart from the unique fabrics, I think the design and fit are aligned (no pun) with some of the other premium dress shirt manufacturers. When you take into account their comfort and resistance to sweat, I can understand why this Detroit-based brand is gaining in popularity. Their website has many designs available, and they constantly add to the mix.

Most of their shirts range between $ 78- $ 95, but Lawrence Hunt has generously offered Practical Golf readers a $ 50 gift voucher that you can redeem here. They are so self-assured that if you try out one of their shirts, you're back for more. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section if you have had the chance to try them out!

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