Beautiful rounds on exciting # AAAC-final

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The wind shrieked, the birds streamed and the field of the Australian All Abilities Championship, presented by ISPS Handa, compressed to set up an exciting Sunday finale in The Lakes.

The leading three-ball played well in the whiplash breeze, but they were overshadowed by a few huge gigs for them, while Aussie-younger Cameron Pollard and the popular Spaniard Juan Postigo with a few 78s back into the mix.

Pollard, who has autism, is the reigning club champion in Sawtell, near Coffs Harbor, but the 19-year-old has never played a round as he gave him five birds from the back tees to wild pegs and a big gallery that his performance roars.

Asked, he would swap his 78 as one of the pro's who could not muster that figure came begging, Pollard smiled and said, "I will not let you act with me, not that.

"I'm pretty proud of that one, it's one of my better rounds.

"It is so a bit of a dream come true to do so for a large crowd.

"It will not be much better, hopefully I have a chance tomorrow, that would mean a lot."

Postigo, the reigning European champion whose balance and strength on one leg blinded Sydney galleries all week, was almost as happy with his round.

He was equally proud that he and his colleagues in the inaugural championship of his kind, which was played with a national Open, after the day one on Friday had a better shape after many fought nerves.

"Yesterday neither of us played good golf, we were nervous, the conditions were difficult and it was a big opportunity, so it was hard for all of us as a mix of all those things," said Postigo.

"But today we were more focused on golfing as a group and myself to shoot a 78 that I'm happy with because it was not easy.

"I felt comfortable, yesterday I did not feel like a player, but today I was a player, I did my best, did not shoot my best lap but 78 in these circumstances is very special."

On +24 Postigo is now in sixth place, in the back of the Swedish leader Johan Kammerstad (+16) with only eight strokes, with Adem Wahbi (+18), Brendan Lawlor (+19), Geoff Nicholas and Pollard (both +21 ) also in the title mix.

"I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, certainly," Postigo said in the world.

"Today I have felt good things that will help me tomorrow – the feelings are back, Juan is back, tomorrow I will be modest, but I will be in the fight."

Kammerstad, which has a difference in leg length of 20 cm, was impressive for the second consecutive day, 82 was what he described as "the most difficult circumstances in which I have ever played".

"The pin positions were extremely heavy and the wind did not help, the greens are very wavy and you have to be in the right place to have a chance.

"Of course I wanted better than 82, but it's fine … I still have confidence in tomorrow."

A big thing in favor of the Swede is that he was, remarkably, not at all confused by the galleries.

"I have the same feeling as if I play for 10 people, I did not get a nervous head, I thought I would, but I'm in my own little place, so it's good for me."

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