Belgians are resistant to Aussie attack on Metro

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Even if it was only for a moment on Sunday afternoon, it seemed that the big lead of Belgium on the ISPS Handa Melbourne World Cup or Golf field would disappear on Metropolitan.

But the best duo was crowned Champion in Melbourne all week after Thomas Pieters and Thomas Detry celebrated 4-under-68 times in Sunday's four-man dogs to secure the first World Cup title in Belgium.

But it was anything but stress-free, the Belgians made three behind nine bogeys (against four birdies) while holding a furious Team Australia.

"I told my father and mother that it was a long time ago that I won and that this feels just as good as an individual title," Peters told the media

"You qualify, you play for it, you play with your best friend and it's a bit of a dream come true," said Detry.

"There's nothing like representing your country on the other side of the world, it's just great."

In a blink of an eye on Sunday afternoon, the six-shot of Belgium night-time ahead of the heroes of the hometown crept to just two.

Two pristine birdie putts from Cam Smith on 12 and 13 had the Australians surging and metropolitan rocking, before a bunker of the Queenslander brought the house down.

Leishman had his bunker tried in the foremost trap at the par-5 14th, before his companion ran out of the same pot for a third straight birdie.

"It was just a good four, really," Smith joked.

"I did not expect to lower it, I just wanted to have a good look at Marc on par.

"I have not heard a roar in a long time, it was great."

The Belgians made bogey on the par-3 12th and suddenly the Australians were within only two strokes, but Leishman pushed his short birdie to the right at 16, killing the locals' momentum and eventually hoping to hoist the trophy.

"Walking to the 17th tee I thought about it and I probably would not have hit a putt between the two feet and 10 feet all day", said Leishman.

"It was not just a good putt, that's one I'd like to have again."

A birdie on 14 took Pieters and Detry back to 23-under and extended their lead back to three, a sixth birdie of the day that came last to make sure that was the winning margin.

Pieters said that the competition plan did not change in the last day, but the mentality did, the Belgians still want to attack Metropolitan and keep the field at a distance.

"I said let's play like we're behind it," Peters said.

"I said to him:" We know we are going to make some bogeys, but we will also make lots of birdies because the weather was nicer, the greens also a little softer. "

The Australian duo shared the second in the 20-run standings with the Mexicans Abraham Ancer and Roberto Diaz, with Denmark and Canada returning around the top five of three strokes.

Leishman and Smith both indicated that they would like to reunite in the Presidents Cup for twelve months, hopefully bringing in the enormous crowds that were observed this week in Metropolitan.

"I want to be back here next year while playing the Presidents Cup and do the same, I'd love it," Smith said.

"That pressure out there, I've never played for such crowds in Australia," Leishman said.

"Having 98% of the crowd in front of you is a pretty cool feeling."

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