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The best golf lesson of recent times is learning how to stay on top of your ball during your swing.

Unless you stay on top of your ball during your golf swing, you will probably swing and shift the top of your spine. This will cause the arch of your swing to go down at the wrong point and result in a mishit golf shot.

It is very interesting how the instruction community and professional players continue to change the description of simple changes. wave mechanics.

The wave-swing instructions remain the same, but the terms and nomenclature to describe different wave mechanics keep changing with every new generation of golf instructors, it seems.

They have now chosen to call this most important discipline: "keep abreast of the ball". "Staying on top of the ball" is required if you want to hit straight wave shots.

It is a term used to describe how the top of the angle of the spine should remain stable during the recurrent gait.

Perhaps the best way to describe this necessary discipline to straighten a golf ball is to keep eye contact with the ball from the start of the swing through contact with the ball.

Theoretically, if you keep the eye in touch with your ball during your golf swing, you will not be able to remove your head sideways from your ball.

Another way to describe the swing idea of ​​staying on the ball is nothing more than the historical admonition to keep a firm head during the swing.

Whether your swing thought "stay on the ball", keep a firm head during your golf swing or keep eye contact with the ball by impact, you must maintain a stable top of the spine during your golf swing so that your swing bow to the bottom in the same position as at the beginning of your golf swing.

Just as there has been some confusion about the concept of "keeping abreast of the ball" during the golf swing, there has been as much frustration about the idea to keep a firm head during the golf swing.

Keeping a fixed head during your backswing does not mean that your head is not allowed to move during the golf swing. swing down to prevent the rotation of your hips. Indeed, it must.

Nor does the concept of keeping a fixed head mean that it can not move at all during the swing.

For example, you could turn your head the way Jack Nicklaus made famous and still maintain a top of the spine position during your golf swing.

As long as the top of your spine remains effectively in the same position during your relapse as when completing your setup routine, you could move it anyway.

So what should you do to stabilize the top of your spine during your swing to "stay on top of your ball?"

First, keep your left foot firmly planted during your golf swing.

If you keep your left foot planted during your golf swing, this will help you keep the top of your back stable and dramatically improve your golf swing.

maintaining eye contact with the ball by impact.

As mentioned above, mai By getting eye contact with your ball by impact, you keep the top of the spine stable.

Third, avoid raising or lowering your head during your backswing. If your head does not move up, down or sideways during your backswing, the top of your spine will remain stable.

If you do these three things well, you should definitely stay "on the ball". Applying the combination of these three is perhaps the best golf lesson of late.

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