Brilliant pennant double for Glenelg

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Glenelg's two winning pennant teams in Kooyong today.

Glenelg has completed a historic double in the South Australian pennant competition.

The club today won both the highest level men's and women's in Kooyonga to complete only the second double of the most important ranks in Glenelg's history

The only last time Glenelg won both men's and women's titles was in 1965.

The men from Glenelg have now won 13 premierships and four in a row in the current series, and the women have won 22 titles.

The men's triumph in the Simpson Cup was a domination, with Glenelg beating The Grange 5.5 to 1.5. Among the stars of the show was No. 3 Ben Layton, who completed an undefeated season of nine consecutive games with his 4 and 3 defeat of Nick Thompson of Grange

It was much closer in the women's final for the Sanderson Cup, with Glenelg finally taking down The Grange 3-2 to break a series of four consecutive Grange titles.

Nr. 2 Elysia Yap placed the final for Glenelg when she reached the 18th against Grange & Cassidy Evreniadis and then took her match on the 19th hole.

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