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Well that's a bit rough, right? Maybe at first glance you might think that I am a bit offensive, but excuse the pun, there is a good reason for it.

Wondering why some days are just not good golf days? How is it possible that you can step on the track Saturday and play brilliantly and on Sunday you can not buy the same course?

A common mistake with all American amateur golfers is the attitude. Golf is an athletic sport, despite the opinion of my wife and that is why you have to adopt a sporting attitude.

Look these days at prominent golfers and you will not see many boys or ladies walking around with slums. shoulders and their chin on their chest.

A good golf swing is based on the setup, if you do this well, you have taken a big step towards better golfing.

Wave is dynamic, it is a sport of moving parts and all those parts are connected to you. So with that in mind, how can we be dynamic?

Let us stand up straight, ears in a row of shoulders, aligned with the hips, aligned with the feet. This is the basic position and from here your body can move freely and easily.

Stand in front of your ball with your feet slightly outward, your feet should be about as wide as your shoulders. Now we have a solid, balanced basis for our swing.

Of course we have to go to the golf ball and to do this I take my club and hold it at about 45 degrees from my body. Now I bend over and bend my knees until the club head touches the ground, this will put you at the right distance from the ball.

Once you are in this position, you keep sticking out. The reason to project your rear end is to bring your center of gravity to a point above your arches.

With your weight in the middle of your feet you are in a dynamic position, you can swing the golf club back and forth and keep a good balance and that is the key to a good, solid, repeatable golf swing.

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