Chalmers begs for action rules

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The twofold # AusOpenGolf Champion Greg Chalmers begs and begs golf drivers to become proactive in important matters that affect the sport

Chalmers, whose most recent win at the Stonehaven Cup at this week's The Lakes site in 2011, said he had spent a lot of time pondering issues that had dominated discussions since that time, including a distance explosion.

With next-wave players Cameron Champ and Luke List with an average of more than 330 yards on drives in this young American PGA Tour season, Chalmers said he would like to decide on the impact of such a length to be proactively

"I beg and beg for the USGA and the R & A to do better, really," Chalmers said.

"They always seem to stand behind and I would like to have them at some point, and it will probably happen in about 10 years, they will go," Hmmm, I think the ball goes too far, or that the clubs help to hit the ball too far & # 39 ;.

"So that's something I'm frustrated about, because we always seem to settle the clock.

"We always have to – it started with the wedges, the change in grooves, then we went putter for a long time

"They continue to finish things, why can not we come for things? That's the only thing I wish would happen, they would sometimes do better."

Chalmers, measured in response to questions about the impact of the US PGA Tour scheme on the global game, sympathized with both Gulf Australia and the Australian PGA in ongoing planning problems against other international events

But he admitted that financial imperatives in the American colossus were often not conducive to the planning decisions of other nations.

"It always seems to find a balance between what is best for them versus (a global aspect)," he said.

"They are so far away that they can help others and also influence others, I do not know what the answer is, if they are worried about (it), of course they would have to do that.

"They are, I am certain, but they are also very worried about the business side."

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