Choi fulfills the hope of #AusAm

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Final scores: stroke for women

She joined as a favorite and Doey Choi did justice to the label.

The Choi of Sydney produced an amazing four-under-pari 69 at the Woodlands Golf Club on Wednesday to win part of the # AusAm title of the Women's # 19459002.

The Japanese duo Yuri Yoshida and night-time co-leader Sae Ogura will share honor with Choi after their second round scores of 71 and 72 respectively, making it a three-way tie at seven-under.

Choi, the only female benchmark athlete currently on the Gulf Australia books, began her day with three shots from the nightly co-leaders Ogura and Queenslander Lion Higo after a three-under-par 71 race in Spring Valley yesterday.

The 18-year-old burned early with birdies on the 1st and 4th holes, before he picked up a few more strokes with birdies on 11 and 12.

"I feel very good, I played really solid," said the Concord member.

"I'm pretty confident about my game and my putting feels really good, so I'm very happy for the rest of the week."

The horde of impressive international talent was once again seen at the championship of this year with the 2018 Women's Australian Open low amateur Yoshida, which made her strength known at Woodlands.

Choi said she was excited for the first round match game of tomorrow afternoon in Woodlands, where she will appear as No. 2 seed, followed by Ogura as No. 3, with Yoshida as the top seed.

"I really enjoyed Woodlands, it has a good name," Choi said.

"I expect a good quality wave and I just want to have fun there as I have the last few days," Choi said.

Australia's highest placed female amateur in the field, Grace Kim, is right fourth with Victoria's Jeneath Wong after that pair of carded matching four-under-par 69s at Woodlands.

In the meantime it was a blistering finish for the low Australian of last year at the #AusAm, with St Michaels & Kelsey Bennett shooting to T27 with four birdies in her last five holes.

Bennett qualified for the draw by a single strike and avoided a play-off for two ladies between Chikako Suzuki and China's Alice Fan, with the latter winning the last spot.

The first round match-ups of Thursday:

1 – Yuri Yoshida (JPN) v 32 – Alice Fan (CHN)
2 – Doey Choi (NSW) v 31 – Abbie Teasdale (WA)
3 – Sae Orgura (JAP) v 30 – Kelsey Bennett (NSW)
4 – Grace Kim (NSW) against 29 – Linley Ewe (VIC)
5 – Jeneath Wong (VIC) v 28 – Hye Park (QLD)
6 – Miyu Goto (JAP) v 27 – Becky Kay (QLD)
7 – Kerri Bong (KOR) v 26 – Darae Chung (NZL)
8 – Cassie Porter (QLD) v 25 – Marina Ito (JPN)
9 – Jen Goh (SIN) v 24 – Jihye Park (NSW)
10 – Carmen Lim (NZL) v 23 – Jessica Pickwick (VIC)
11 – Hong Yaeeun (KOR) v 22 – Maddison Hinson-Tolchard (WA)
12 – Lion Higo (QLD) v 21 – Riri Sadoyama (JAP)
13 – Min A Yoon (KOR) v 20 – Emily Mahar (QLD)
14 – Isabelle Taylor (QLD) v 19 – Stephanie Kyriacou (NSW)
15 – Steph Bunque (VIC) v 18 – Sarah Wilson (QLD)
16 – Tsubasa Kajitani (JPN) v 17 – Emily Toy (ENG)

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