Choi tuned to #AusAm force measurement

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There has been a bit of a shootout on amateur golf for ladies in Australia lately.

Between Grace Kim, Becky Kay and Doey Choi, there is a polite battle generous that rages through the country in national rankings while they are indicting to fill the inevitable emptiness of the previous generation.

They try to become the next Hannah Green or Karis Davidson, just as that couple wanted to fill the shoes of Minjee Lee and Su Oh in front of them.

So the trio arrives this week in Woodlands and Spring Valley, knowing that it will do their best to join the elite honors list of the Australian Women & # 39; s Amateur Championship.

But with today's usual international raiders of good quality, including squadrons from Japan and England, the challenge is as deep as it was a long time ago.

And Choi, the only female benchmark athlete currently in the books of Golf Australia, is only too well aware of the pitfalls of a grueling week when she will enter as a favorite for the first time in her four attempts at the #AusAm.

"It's a bit unnerving, but I think it's a good thing at the same time, I feel really good about this week," the likeable Sydneysider said in her last round of exercises at Woodlands.

"I think there are a lot more girls coming up and they improve the road faster than four or five years ago, I think it's a good test for me and I'm excited about the week.

"I now feel like one of the older girls I feel really confident I love the appearance of the two courses and my game feels good this week, hoping for good results."

Choi is fresh from the season of a stellar 2018.

The New South Wales No.1 during the successful Interstate Series in Adelaide was the second on the GA Order of Merit, with three wins and four other top-three finishes in national ranking events.

Choi finished second in the IMG Academy Junior World Championships in San Diego and a quarter-finalist in Junior Amateur Juniors near Pebble Beach on the same trip from the US.

That form seemed to run on Woodlands in her practice round today, when the 18-year-old looked her second hole-in-one.

"I just had a hole-in-one on the 5th hole and saw that it went in, so it's a good confidence booster," said the Concord member.

"It was 151m with a 5-iron, I had my first only two or three months ago, hopefully another one would be nice this week."

The # AusAm-field of the woman was this year for the first time expanded to 90, with the handicap limit 2.4, which emphasizes the increasing depth in the domestic game of women.

The women's field starts in both courses on Tuesday afternoon and then changes to Wednesday morning on the opposite route, after which the top 32 moves forward to eliminate matches from Thursday.

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