Creating a golf destination in the hills of Greece

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Navarino Residences was succeeded in 2018 by Navarino Apartments. At the end of the planned real estate offer of the company, these units of 1,300 square feet have a starting price of just under 500,000 euros.

In both cases, buyers get multiple benefits by owning a property integrated into the resort, including free access to the facilities of the complex and programs to distribute the rent that will generate profits when they being away.

But even with the interest that Costa Navarino has generated, house prices in the immediate vicinity of the resort remain significantly below those in more established Greek holiday destinations such as the Cyclades or Corfu. In these areas, according to Savills, average prices for holiday homes are around € 370 per square foot; luxury houses go for more than € 740 per square foot

And further, around Kalamata and in the direction of the eastern border of Messenia near the peninsula of Mani, many properties remain accessible to buyers of even modest means.

"There are excellent opportunities everywhere in the Peloponnese," says Mary O & # 39; Connor, who has been running a real estate business in Kalamata with her husband for 20 years, specializing in the second home market. "Except around Pylos," she added, where property has become scarce. But even there, she said, "there are a few good plots."

In other areas and villages, Mrs. O'Connor, plots and high-rise houses can still be bought for the prices below. € 1945

George Elliott, 67, bought a fixeer-upper in Messenia in 2001 and now lives there for about six months a year. His house was once the olive press of the village. (The basement still has many of the original machines.) He is grateful that the development of Costa Navarino has helped bring decent transport to the area.

He would also like to play golf. But he only plays in London, where he said it costs about $ 17. The Costa Navarino golf courses are just too expensive for him. "I do not have that kind of pension," he said.

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