Director of golf resorts calls for & # 039; traditionalists & # 039; soften clothing standard

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Thomas Devine & # 39; s tweet was criticized by some golfers

The director of a golf resort has called for a "softening of the views" about dress codes of "traditionalist" golfers.

Almarose, owner of seven resorts, dropped his dress code for junior players after one of his coaches was criticized for having children wear what they wanted.

"If young people want to learn in a hoodie and training suit, they can bottoms," says Almarose golf director Alan Foley.

"Junior golf must be relaxed, fun and easily accessible, without barriers."

Thomas Devine said club officials "were stuck in the 19th century" after being questioned earlier this year about renting out children playing in bottoms and hoodies.

Devine coaches in the Oulton Hall of the group, in Leeds.

"We were quite surprised by the reaction in some circles to Tom's approach at Oulton Hall," Foley said.

"We hope to see more young people start the sport and also hope to see a broader abstinence from what might be called, more & # 39; traditional & # 39; golfers," he added. .

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"To be honest, I am overwhelmed by the support I have had," said Devine.

"I never thought that a simple photo on Twitter could cause such a storm – but if we can make a change that benefits junior golfers and, in the long run, the sport itself , then it has all been worth it. "

Official golf rules only ban clothing that can give players an advantage, but many golf clubs enforce dress codes to comply with the & # 39; tradition & # 39; of the sport.

Golf authorities have said they want to modernize the game to make it more accessible and new plans were outlined last year to increase the attractiveness of the sport with an investment of £ 200 million over the next decade.

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