Tee Off With Disc Golf at the Top of your buggy

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Disc golf is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in America, and coming to a Australian course near you

Disc Golf, also known as Frisbee Golf, is a simple sport that almost anyone can enjoy. Disc Golf has taken off in popularity in the last few years, since it requires relatively inexpensive equipment and most everyone has experience throwing a Frisbee.  Combine that with fact that most courses are free and have beautiful surroundings, and you have an inexpensive outdoor sport that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

teeing off disc golf

Courses can be found just about everywhere these days and generally consist of 9, 18 or 24 holes.  The “holes” are actually baskets with hanging chains to slow & secure an incoming disc.  On an average course these holes can be anywhere from 150 to 500 feet apart, and have water hazards to make things interesting.  A bad throw could result in a lost disc unless you are prepared to do a little swimming.

Discs can cost between $8-$20, so they are easy to replace, and come in three basic types.  The driver is normally a harder disc that you can rocket off the tee.  But be careful, because a misfire can result in a long walk.  The putter is a softer disc made to grab the chains of the basket from a shorter distance.  In between these two you have your midrange discs that can vary in weight and flight style.

At Winter Park Resort you can find an 18-hole course that is located at the top of Winter Park Mountain.  At nearly 11,000 feet you have spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and can enjoy a nice lunch on the wraparound deck of the Sunspot.  Discs can be rented at the base of the mountain and you must ride the scenic chair lift to the top, unless you are up for a little hike.

Course Information:
Holes:    18
Tee Type:   Dirt
Course Length:   9655
Average Length:  536.39
Holes Under 300’:  3
Holes Between 300’ to 400’:  4
Holes Over 400’:  11
Holes Over 900’:  3
Highest Point:    10,925 ft.
Lowest Point:   10.425 ft.

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