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It sounds like a small thing … ball position. It may be a simple thing to do correctly. But I must tell you that almost everyone and I mean that all weekend players do not pay any attention to the ball position.

If you could increase your distance from the tee box, for example 20.30 or more yards and hit the right, would you want to pay attention?

Let us now discuss this subject and make a short discussion about it. We will limit it to just the T-shot.

I see people moving their hands to the target and their bodies bent in a number of interesting ways. Usually the ball is back in their posture, this creates a series of tricky problems.

At first it is almost impossible to correctly align with the target. Then it is absolutely impossible to get into a setup position that ensures that the parts and pieces of your golf swing move in the right order. And then there is that annoying weight change that nobody seems to know how to do.

And not the last ……. but close, the confused chicken wing is ready. You know what that looks like .. right?

These and more problems in your golf swing are caused by a bad ball position.

Now a bit out of the game. A while ago I wrote an article about eye dominance and how important it is to understand.

Although my understanding of this issue is not yet complete, I have discovered that most people are dominant right. While those who are dominant on the left have a slightly different challenge in developing a correct attitude with respect to the ball position, the principle is exactly the same for both.

And here is the client …. you always have to rely on your dominant eye for correct information. That is in terms of body posture, seeing the line on the putting green, reacting your body on the ball in a full golf swing, and much more.

You should try not to confuse your mind with a lot of information that can conflict. If you allow both eyes to fight each other while processing visual information, you will make physical adjustments that may not be correct.

One of those adjustments is the ball position.

Here's a good tip. Always make sure that the ball is far ahead of your dominant eye in every single golf swing you take. Always. Included during the setting.

And let your dominant eye always get the information and not the other eye. If you have to close an eye to get the line on the green or to align with the target on a longer shot … do it.

Back to the ball position on the tee.

I would like you all to try this …….. not once, but try until you feel comfortable doing it.

The next time you are on the beach or outside on the track for a nice round, tee the ball upwards, so that it is forward, to the goal, of your left foot ….. ….. for right-handed players.

Not from your left heel, but for your left foot. It will feel as if you will never be able to hit the ball. But you will trust me.

Most of you suffer from a bad weight shift, this will restore this.

Most of you have a bad ball position, this will solve that too.

Most of you have a chicken wing finish, this will solve this too.

Most of you have trouble staying behind that ball, this will fix it.

What is likely to happen, you will think that you can not and will not do it. That's no problem. But some of you will try and work on it. And as you do this, you will discover some magic.

1. You get an excellent extension by the swing

2. You get a weight transfer

3. your swinging speed at impact is maximum.

4. you will stand behind the ball with a little effort

5. you hit the ball a bit higher and get more air time (a good thing)

6. you skip your tee-shot further than before

7. and finally you will look a lot better than before, even if you hit it like a mess

The idea here is forcing yourself to leave the dominating eye behind the ball and let the information processing benefit your golf swing. Once confusion has started, there is no correction.

Give this small adjustment a serious attempt. Not everything will or will and will return to the old way, perfectly OK by me. After all, it is a game and if you are happy, I am also

Finally, let me tell you about my own experience with this idea of ​​forward ball position. I am left eye dominant. I have had a tendency to play the ball back more than forward. I can not say why I just do it. I'm pretty good at it, I usually shoot in the low 70s with an under-par round surprise every now and then.

Nonetheless, I need check-ups and have gone to our club pro for a look. We have talked about exactly what I am writing about here and now. I moved the ball forward as the pro had suggested on the basis of my eye domination.

I have played twice since this golf instruction … I hit the tee-ball right on the button every time. That is 14 times, every channel has only one, and that was in a channel, which I do not mind.

And get this, I beat the tee-ball further than I ever have more consistently. How far can you wonder?

I averaged 265 of the tee. I am not a big batter. But I hit the ball 10 meters further minimum, and several were more than 25 yards. One was more than 300 meters (with some wind assist)

I thought that small change was a very impressive change. I have a tendency to do too much of the ball, because on several shots I lowered the thing well in front of my left foot. It did not seem to matter, except that my end balance was not that good. It is because I had to go more to reach where I had laid the ball.

I shot 72 and 73 on those two days. In windy conditions and with the aid of a putter that I was not attuned to.

I believe that hitting the driver in the fairway is one of the most important shots in the wave, I do not buy in the "drive" for showputt for dough stuff, if you're not in the channel, it does not matter how good or bad you putt, you're probably going for bogey or worse.

OK, I'm done, try this It worked really well for me, I'm excited about the results

It looked like MAGIC

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