Eye Opening Augusta

Posted by on April 13, 2019  /   Posted in golf reviews

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Augusta National Golf Club has a unique place in the American psyche.

Slow to integrate, and with only male members until seven years ago, the private club is one of the most exclusive playgrounds in the country, a haven for masters of the universe and southern aristocracy.

And then, for a week a year, the club opens its doors to welcome tens of thousands of "patrons," the world's best golfers and a handful of old-fashioned legends. They all get up after sunrise and enter a world full of color and towering pine trees.

There is an unreal quality attached to it. The grass under your feet does not feel like the grass in your front garden. Is that shade of pink and purple azalea somewhere else? How is it possible that amidst all this vegetation there are apparently no bugs?

Perhaps it is best not to ask these questions. Answers will probably not be provided. So enjoy the beauty of the fans in their colorful golf shirts and sundresses that reflect the ponds, and the magical talents of players who can skip golf balls from the water.

View of all those places that only existed on television. There is the Hogan bridge over Rae & # 39; s Creek. There is the piece of pine straw where Bubba Watson stood when he somehow shot that miracle on the 10th green in 2012. And look at all those green blazers. The members wear this throughout the week, in case you are wondering.

Open your eyes. There is much to see.

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