Eyes on Stonehaven Cup for Snedeker

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Brandt Snedeker has a feeling for golf history and he saw the names on the Stonehaven Trophy – Nicklaus, Player, Watson, Norman, Thomson, Palmer, to name but a few – and knew that this was a tournament he wanted to win

On his previous visit to the #AusOpenGolf, in 2007, the American almost won at The Australian, eventually bending for Craig Parry. A self-imposed penalty on the last day, when he accidentally moved his ball while he was getting ready to play the rough, saw him shot from a playoff.

"I looked at it (trophy), a pretty impressive list," said Snedeker today. "It's a really cool trophy to watch, it's historic and beautiful and beautiful, but you see the names, there's a lot of Hall of Famers, there are a lot of big winners, a lot of historically very important people in the golf game with their name on that trophy.

"You can see that this tournament has done a great job by identifying big champions, and that's what you're looking for when you play golf, you know, you can go there to play a golf course, the best to play and – you will quickly get a good idea if it really holds out and this tournament is one that will last. & # 39;

Snedeker recently made a play-off at the Safeway Open in Napa and after some difficult years found a decent shape. In his self-analysis he decided on death or glory. "I made some changes last year," he said. "Okay, trust myself that I'm big or I'm failing, but I'm not in the middle, I feel like I've done a lot of hard work and made many difficult decisions to make myself the top 10 player again. be in the world, where I feel I belong and win golf tournaments. & # 39;

He played a few holes today in The Lakes and liked the track with a rider. "But if the wind blows, it will survive."

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