GA OOM goes digital

Posted by on December 19, 2018  /   Posted in golf news

The Golf Australia Order of Merit becomes digital for the 2019 competition and uses the GolfBox tournament system as its administrative platform.

GolfBox is an automated system that is already used at many events in Golf Australia. It ensures a more accurate and timely updating of the results and a more user-friendly experience.

To make the system easier to understand, the following changes apply:

• There will be no minimum divisor. The points of each player are added and the ranking of players is determined by their total number of points. There is no minimum or maximum number of events a player must play in order to be eligible to win the GA OOM. This will also encourage greater participation in GA OOM events

• Events are weighted according to their event status and their traditional field quality as opposed to the field quality of the event in that year. This allows players to decide which events they want to compete with in order to know how many points each event draws.

• Points earned in the Australian Open are not & # 39; bonus points & # 39; more. They will be recognized in the same way as all other events.

• Events having a stroke-play component followed by match-play rounds will continue to receive points for both components of the event and will be counted as two events.

The GA OOM continues to attract great interest from various stakeholders and in 2018 has again won valuable winners in each of its categories. The use of GolfBox for the management of the system will continue to improve competition.

Click here for the specific conditions and FAQs for the OOM of 2019:

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