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The proposed closure of the Victoria Park Golf Course would be a significant loss to golf in Queensland and Golf Australia is trying to save this iconic course from the closure.

CEO Stephen Pitt says Golf Australia was not consulted in the run-up to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner's comments on Sunday, but it would like to be included in discussions about Victoria Park and there is a liaison between the parties to meet to talk to talk about the future of Victoria Park Golf Course.

Lord Mayor Schrinner announced at the weekend that he hopes to permanently close the 18-hole golf course to make way for a & # 39; Central Park & ​​# 39; style 45-hectare public park.

"Public golf courses are so important for our game across the country. They give Australians everywhere the opportunity to pick up a club and be active," says Pitt.

"Golf is a game that millions of Australians enjoy every year and every golfer has made the most of a public facility in their environment at some stage of their life

"The decision to permanently close Victoria Park, a golf course that has been a popular recreational facility for 90 years, is very alarming and we are desperately looking for an alternative to this plan."

Located in the suburbs of downtown Herston, Victoria Park is one of only two public golf courses currently owned by the Brisbane City Council.

The other golf course in the municipality is St Lucia Golf Links southwest of the CBD.

The Victoria Park facility is also home to a driving range, an 18-hole putt-putt course and numerous event locations.

Pitt says Golf Australia thinks it is involved in every process relating to the future of Victoria Park.

"Golf Australia knows that priority is number one to ensure that the game of golf continues to grow, with more people having more opportunities to enjoy our game," says Pitt.

"We take the possibility that facilities such as Victoria Park have closed their doors extremely seriously and we look forward to a frank discussion with the Brisbane City Council to find a solution that offers open space for golfers and all members of the public. "

Similar plans for the popular Albert Park golf course in Melbourne were thwarted last year following a strong response from the local community.

In 2017, Park Victoria expressed the wish to halve Albert Park from an 18-hole course to nine holes.

But a formal entry by Golf Australia against the plan was supported by the golf community of Melbourne, with plans to scrap Albert Park at the end of 2018.

A number of petitions protesting against the council's plans have already been set up by members of the public in a strong show of support for the Victoria Park golf course.

Interested people can add their name to the growing list here.

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