Galvin Green Lance Interface Jacket Review: Versatile outerwear at its best

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If you are looking for a versatile outer layer that can handle wind, rain and cold, the Galvin Green Lance Interface-1 should definitely be on your list.

Who is Galvin Green

If you have never heard of Galvin Green, they are one of the best brands of outerwear in golf. Their motto is "We Never Compromise" – which speaks to their attention to detail and the materials they use. They are obsessive in their designs and every piece of clothing they make is built to withstand the most unfavorable conditions that golfers will encounter on the track

Last year I got the chance to try out their Dash Sweater, which is part of their Insula line. It has served me well in cold conditions such as my trip to Cabot Links, and is one of my go-to pieces when the temperature drops below 50 degrees.

Simply put, you will find it difficult to find another company that makes outerwear for golf, such as Galvin Green. If you want premium protection against the elements, they should be at the top of your list

The Lance Interface-1

The Lance Interface-1 is the latest release of Galvin Green. I have worn it this fall and it is an extremely versatile zip-up layer that can serve various functions, depending on weather conditions.

If the weather is not too cold, this can be your outer layer. It is light, breathable and, like all other Galvin Green products, it fits perfectly with your golf swing. At again that was about 45-55 degrees, I thought this excellent work served as a light jacket that works to provide some extra warmth, and protection from the wind and rain (it is water repellent).

One of my biggest complaints about other offshoots that I have bought is that it slows my swing because it does not fit in certain places.

When you wear a Galvin Green layer for the first time, you can immediately see the difference. The wrists and waist area are more effective to your body, there is room to swing, but it is not too tight or bulky. The Lans is no different. I would say that most Galvin Green pieces are on the narrower side compared to other brands, so it's best to check their size charts before you buy them.

Another advantage of the Lance is that it is so thin that you can wear it as a layer under something else when the weather gets very cold. It is designed as a freestanding golf jacket or a layer that fits under a thicker outer layer.

In addition, if you are active outside the wave, and you want a great light jacket that you can wear for a workout or outdoors in general, then it will serve that purpose as well. I noticed that I was doing this on or in the early morning, or just in the neighborhood.

Another great option that will last

I have often found in the exit category for which you get what you pay for. Over the years I have bought several windbreakers or were out of the sales rack at golf shops. They never fit so well, did not protect as well against the elements, and the materials did not last.

So if you want a first-class product that offers superior performance and over time, Galvin Green is one of the brands to invest in. The Lance Interface-1 is certainly not cheap. It now sells on Trendy Golf for $ 365, which for many golfers is not in the price range. However, if you buy something like that, you will probably continue playing for a long time (instead of buying more often at lower prices).

So if you want the best and have the budget, this can be an important part of your golfwear collection.

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