Four healthy reasons why you should take up Golf as a Sport

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The Exercise

Golfing is one of the best exercises that you can do. I taught this fellow about ten years ago how to play golf. He had bypass surgery done on his heart, and his doctor told him to walk for exercise. So he asked me to teach him how to golf. He was a retired carpenter. Think about it for a second. There is 1760 yards in a mile. The average golf course is anywhere from 5000 yards to 6500 yards on some of the bigger courses, depending on which tee box you are playing from. They say the shortest distance between two points is in a straight line. Can you imagine the amount of walking you can do on any given course, if you’re not a straight hitter? Some golf courses make you take a golf cart because of the steep terrain. Golfing can keep you’re heart pumping at a good pace depending on the golf terrain. So if you have not walked a country mile. Take up golf and you will have you’re fair share of walking a country mile.

The Challenge

A lot of people would ask the same question over and over again, and probably still do today. Why would anybody want to chase a little golf ball around? I use to think and ask myself the same question until that very first liftoff from a fairway lie. Oh yes! It is a great feeling when you finally lift it off the fairway and watch the ball fly towards the green and watch it land and roll towards the flagstick, especially if you are a long distance from the green and hitting the green in regulation. The feeling of success is amazing and the challenge to do it again brings you back time and time again. Once you catch that feeling, the challenge to come back and repeat the same golf shot makes you a better golfer in the long run. The challenge you have now sticks with you the more you play. The frustration of not being able to do it over and over again, and then finally once again there goes that beautiful golf shot again, makes you come back for more. Golfing has more than one challenge. The challenge within yourself to play better golf, and the challenge to play better than you’re competitor. A lot of times the challenge to beat your own game can be a real uphill battle. Go ahead and try the challenge.

The Scenery

Golf courses truly have some of the best breathtaking scenery, depending on where you reside. A lot of the golf courses have rolling fairways and trees of all colors that stretch out on both sides of the fairway, creeks that split fairways in half. Lot of golf courses have greens that are surrounded by huge trees, rock formations, and rolling mounds, and many other natural beauties. Most golf courses surround their greens with water and sand traps. The tee boxes on some courses are perched up on a hillside overlooking a valley, or body of water. Flowers and plants, and or more trees surround a lot of tee boxes. Sometimes the tee boxes and greens are in the wilderness, and or near cliffs. There is a lot of great scenery on golf courses that will want you to say. This is amazing scenery!

The Peace and Tranquility

The best part of golf is the relaxation you get out it, depending on how you’re game is going of course. Just imagine yourself nestled on a tee box first thing in the morning, and all you hear is the chirping of the birds and the sound of the trees blowing around you. Another good feeling is standing in the middle of the fairway with the sun beating down on you with a cool misty breeze coming from a nearby body of water. I like the late afternoon just before the sun goes down and the trees are swaying a bit more. Sometimes all you hear is a plane going by overhead and the crack of another golf ball going off a tee box. A lot of the golf courses take you away from the clubhouse and land you out in the country, and or fairly wooded areas where the peace and tranquility of mother nature truly makes you sit up and take hold of it’s natural beauty it has to offer.

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