Golf is called a Gentlemen & # 39; s Game for good reason

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Golf has long been known as a men's sport. This sport even has its own rules for etiquette. Despite the general assumption that these rules of golf etiquette make every effort to largely preserve the wonderful state of the game, they all have practical purposes. The general reasons behind the rules of golf etiquette are 1) to ensure the safety of golfers on the course 2) To keep the flow of the game going or 3) to help with the maintenance of the golf course.

Let's split this up for a few specific rules for golf etiquette:

1) Safety of other golfers:

a. Do not swing with your club until the environment around you is made free of people. You do not want to run the risk of being a fellow player.

b. Do not hit your ball until the group that plays in front of you is completely out of your reach.

c. If you notice that your ball is going in the direction of another player or group of players, yell "Fore!" to indicate that they must be vigilant for your incoming golf ball.

d. Never throw your golf clubs. Besides being inappropriate, you can also injure others in this process.

2) Stream of the game:

a. You want to keep the game moving by getting ready to take your picture when it's your turn. By getting the ball ready, you save time to walk to and from your road and make your shot.

b. The & # 39; from & # 39; player (the player whose ball is furthest from the green) always hits first. This saves time-saving discussions about whose turn it is and allows everyone to be prepared for his or her next admission.

c. If you are looking for a lost golf ball, continue with the next group.

d. Leave the green immediately after you finish laying so that the group behind you can continue playing.

3) Maintenance of the golf course:

a. You want to be sure to follow the golf cart path and keep as many of the greens as possible with your shopping cart. Trolleys can cause damage to the track that will be expensive to repair and make the game more challenging for people behind you.

b. Never drive a golf cart on the green. The greens are probably the most delicate and often abused part of the golf course and are not designed to handle the weight or abuse that golf carts can handle.

c. Repair all divots and ball tracks on the green. This is a good idea, golf balls fall at high speeds are harmful to the delicate greens, you want to leave your greens in good shape for those behind you and hope that those who are in front of you did the same for you.

d. Always rake sand traps to clear footprints and ball tracks.

Although these rules are not all-encompassing, they are general guidelines that will give you a good start on the golf course. Cheers!

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