Golfing holidays in Australia

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If you have a desire to do some golfing during the holiday seasons, you can plan a golfing trip for you and your friends in Australia. During the cold winter months in the southern parts of the country, a day out on the course does not come easy. Many men and women enjoy traveling to other areas of the country where the golf courses are still open and the weather is comfortable. Many golfers enjoy a good game of golf with friends and family while enjoying a little vacation as well. Many golf courses that operate during the winter months actually have great course to golf.

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Because golf is a family sport these days, everyone enjoys a holiday golf holiday in a place that has some nice golf courses. Northern Territory is one place that everyone seems to head, but there are many other places to travel to for a good game of golf. Northern Queensland has great courses to play on. The courses up there make great experience for those who would like a golfing holiday in Australia. Only a short drive from Cairns, the Paradise Palms Golf Course is a golfers dream come true.

This course does have some guidelines and some strict rules for playing the golf course, but that is why it is so popular. You cannot bring your own beverages or food, but the clubhouse has everything you could need to keep you energized to play all eighteen holes. The golfing shoes you wear cannot have metal spikes. They take pride in their course and keep it beautifully groomed for professional golf. You can wear alternation plastic spikes and have a great game. You do need to dress according to their enforced dress code, but it is still casual, just not sloppy.

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Because Aussie golf courses are open all year, you will find that the rates are different for different months as well as for guests from out of town. You should always check with the pro shop to find out rates and schedule tee times. You can figure about four and a half hours to play the course with four people. After the game, you can sit down in the clubhouse for some drinks. Before you leave, you must try the fish & chips or the tropical burgers. If you like salads, the Caesars Salad is something your taste buds will love.

Planing your¬†Golfing holidays in Australia with friends you’ll have a couple of great days of golfing holidays in Australia. You really will find the courses are a challenge and you will see how the pros play when the PGA is in town. Australian golf course are all beautiful and exciting design that makes it a top rated place to enjoy a day of golf anytime of the year. One might even plan to visit a few other courses around the area on another day of golf. You can enjoy an entire vacation with golfing every day in Australia.

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