Handicap accessible tips and hints for Catalina Island, California

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Catalina Island is located 35 kilometers from the coast of Long Beach in California, the island is 75 square kilometers and the only city on the island is Avalon. The only vehicle allowed in the streets of Avalon is golf carts, and that works fine, as most restaurants, shops and attractions are within walking distance.

As always there are exceptions to every rule and that is good for wheelchair users, because there are wheelchair accessible cabins and the Island Hopper tram. Located in the city there are several free taxi-telephones and the tram has regular routes through the city.

Arrange your trip to the island that you want to take Catalina Channel Express and it runs from Long Beach and San Pedro. There is parking for disabled people at both locations and boarding is also accessible, the newer boats are VERY accessible and all boats are accessible. As with all trips nowadays, there are baggage requirements, so be sure and get to know when you make your travel reservations. This is where a personal agent from the travel site becomes valuable because they will be able to handle these fine details for you. There is also a service to the island from Newport Beach, but there is no parking for the disabled and the ramp to and from the boat is very steep, so this service is basically not accessible for wheelchair users or challenged walkers

Where to stay on the island, Pavillion Lodge is just 14 steps from the beach and very close to the pier from the boat, and is close to the center of Avalon. It has a large courtyard for relaxing and sunbathing. There are wheelchair-accessible rooms on the ground floor with roll-in showers. I stayed here and it is very handy and works very well.

This is a picturesque island with pedestrian style and it is in principle handicap / accessible friendly, which is wonderful when cities and areas tend to be picturesque, it limits mobility drastically for the physically disabled. If you can step into a golf cart, they are rented per hour (s) and the day and that makes the island even more accessible to you. Most tours are not accessible, therefore a golf cart would work best if you can use one.

Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden is accessible, with assistance, because it is sloping and rocky, so you want to see this to see if it would be accessible to you. The Art Deco Casino Theater has a driveway. The Casino Ballroom has a lift. Catalina Museum is accessible.

Events that happen on the island are accessible: the Catalina Festival of Art (September) is located on Crescent Street along the beach. The Catalina Jazz Trax Festival (autumn) is in the Casino Ballroom. The News Eve Gala is in the Casino Ballroom. So book your travel agency Traveling with Disabilities, pack your bags for an adventure full of fun and relaxation, not to mention the clean air and the beautiful weather.

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