Harris lives a dream for the world

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He did not know it at the time, but Ashley Harris had bottled the putt he'd dreamed of all his life to win the inaugural ISPS Handa Disabled Golf Cup in Metropolitan.

Harris, the world No.7, had practiced practicing a big tournament since his grandfather had let him play golf as a teenager.

Remarkably, the enthusiastic Englishman had realized his dream when he calmly stroked in a 2-meter piste to win the final hole, allowing his World Team to halve that game and earn what became the critical half-point in a triumph of 3.5- 2.5 above Australia.

Harris and German Timo Klischan came from 2-down with three to play to earn that halfpoint against Shane Luke and Geoff Nicholas – and neither could believe that it had been so critical.

"We were never ahead at any stage of our competition," Harris said.

"I can not believe that, I did not really know what the meaning of that putt was … but it's something I wanted to do all my life

"You practice that to win a big event … and to win (at) the World Cup is just great."

Previously, the Spaniards Juan Postigo and Brendan Lawlor from Ireland combined beautifully the Australian couple Cameron Pollard and Tony Coates 5 & 4 to extend the lead of 2-1.

Remarkably, the European combination was three below par they came from the 14th green.

"We just had a new round of the turn, Juan had a few birdies and I had an eagle on the ninth, it just came together well," said the bubbly Lawlor.

Aussies Stephen Prior and Mike Rolls again won an epic clash 1-up over Manuel De Los Santos and Breath Wahbi to narrow the final margin.

"That was incredible," said Prior after a walk in the last hole and winning with a par.

"It was a great couple of weeks and that was such a great moment to do that here."

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