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When I started writing this article, I became perplexed. I was perplexed because in the last 20 years I have studied the golf swing for the sole purpose of simplifying it and the best I have come up with was a 130 page manual that I know may not be finished yet. for.

So instead I will give you my best ideas to get started and some links to some free articles that will give you the best explanation for the standard wave swing that I can give you. to give.

When you start playing golf, there is a lot of information to process and it can be a bit overwhelming. Which club should you hit, how can you hit a chip or throw a ball, when is it your turn to hit and where did my ball go all questions that come to mind.

I want you to back up for a second and consider why you are there in the first place. Are you really trying to get a small white ball into a single bigger hole, a few hundred meters away? Not really. You are there to challenge yourself. At first you want to see if you can hit the ball, then it will be to straighten the ball, and then how far … always set a higher goal.

That is the essence of golf and it is a good idea to know before the frustration begins. You are there to set goals, meet them and set new ones. You are there to prove that you can accomplish a difficult task. Along the way the golf game will tempt you as much as the professionals. You get mad at yourself if you do not shoot as you know you can. You will get angry because you have had a temporary speech and forgot the tree when you hit a shot too high ….. right in the tree.

When this happens, it is time to set a new goal … self-control. That is ultimately what golf will teach you. It will show you best and worst performance and see how you react. When you finally realize that you can not beat golf and can accept the bad bounces with the good ones, you are well on your way to really enjoying the game.

When you come to the point of watching a game bounce badly as a new challenge and a new goal, you are round the circle and you have become a complete golfer …. mentally.

Golf will do this because the game is given to the man not to test his own skill, but to test his mind. As you progress with your game, you must ensure that golf is primarily a mental game. If you lose control, think about this ….

You play against yourself, regardless of who else plays in your foursome, you play against yourself. If you lose control, there is no one to blame but yourself … and you do not get the blame. So if you get angry or frustrated, make the solution a challenge and a goal and come back to improving your mental abilities and enjoying golf.

Now about the golf swing ……..

Start by practicing with one club, usually a low / middle iron. I usually suggest a 6 or 7 iron. I say this because, unlike the position of the ball in the class, and the posture for each shot, the body movement of the golf swing does not change.

Where new golfers get frustrated, try to find the golf swing. You even reject the name. It is so easy to view the movement of the club and the poor and get lost in it, trying to copy those parts. Instead, the golf swing is the turn of the body, with the upper body actually pushing the arms and bats through the backswing and then pulling, due to the downswing of the body, through the downswing.

The best way to see this is to watch the swings of tour players … but do not look at their arms or their club. View their body from the chest to the knees. There you will find the golf swing.

Once you understand that the golf swing is actually more of a turning twist on the body, take a look at the different parts of the swing of a pro. Look at the head to see if it moves and how much. Look at the chest movement in relation to the movement of the stomach.

Here is a secret: the navel leads the turn in both directions. One of the simplest golf tips I ever had was making the backswing by turning the navel of the target until the target's shoulder comes under the chin. Before the downswing, hold the shoulder under the chin and start slowly turning the navel towards the target. To this day that is a core idea for my swing during practice.

Now there is much more to learn, but the most important part of the swing for beginners is the posture. That is where a majority of swing problems can be corrected. To explain why you should start short, you need to start in balance or your body will automatically fight your swing to balance you when you start moving. It is the Dynamic Balance law, and there is nothing you can do except start balancing to prevent it.

You see, most golfers, even experienced golfers do not really know whether they are in balance or not. When they learn to start and balance, their whole game changes.

Because it is so important to do it right, I will add a link to 5 free newsletters that I have on the internet and that will clearly explain but in detail how you can guarantee a good attitude from the beginning. The letters will also explain the basic swing, with which you have to start on the right foot and where you can play reasonably well in a short time. Here is the link:

Again, this is a free tool that saves you valuable time and frustration when you start golfing.

I hope this article brings you in the right way. I know that when I started, I did not have so many resources to get me started, and I struggled a few years before I started looking for the real answers. You should not struggle to play good golf.

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