How to Hello Polish a Cameron Putter – Simple tips for cleaning Scotty Cameron Putter

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Scotty Cameron Putter is the most respected and got the reputation to produce the best putters in the world. Yes, they are expensive, but offer golfers a lot of satisfaction. Scotty Cameron Putter offers everything a golfer needs. Every golfer can have a relationship and rely on this putter, even beginners. This putter is expensive with high performance, so care must be taken. After a long day of giving you top performances in the game, a putter deserves a loving gesture from the golfer. Every golfer needs to know how to take care of his putter, because he stays long and gives him good performances.

Cameron putters are collector & # 39; s item. It is possible to make this putter look like new. So, how should you cool down Scotty Cameron Putter? Or will we say how to clean a putter in general?

Here are some of the useful tips:

1. Things you need: soft cloth, baby oil, light soap, brush (small), water, toothbrush with soft hair or brush. These are some of the most important things you need when cleaning your putter.

2. Thoroughly clean your putter. Use a soft cloth and soap and gently wipe your putter. Make sure you use a soft cloth, because if not milled steel can be scratched. Milled steel is very sensitive and can easily scratch, so be careful.

3. If you are concerned about rust, do not put your putter in water for too long. Do not be too lazy to clean the wedges, and then use the cloth or soft cloth to wipe the chrome shafts.

4. Let the putter dry and check the condition again. Scotty Cameron Putter does not have to be painted again like other putters. It only needs a thorough and correct cleaning. It would also be great if you clean your putter every after green. You can wipe it with a towel from your bag. But if you come from a wet day and the head cover is wet, take care of a thorough cleaning and cleaning when you come home.

5. Use a soft cloth, apply a small amount of baby oil and polish the face of your putter. The putters face polishes your putter and protects the club head.

6. The use of water works well in one way or another. Rinsing your putter with water is good for general removal or large pieces of dirt. Place your handles under a stream of water and turn the handles constantly until large pieces of dirt are removed. Always make sure that you let the grip dry properly. If not, instead of cleaning your putter, it can ruin the grip of your putters.

7. Examine the condition of your putter. If your putter has scratches or scratches, you may have to paint it again. When pouring, you must remove rust by mixing half a wine vinegar solution and half a water. Watered it for a few minutes. When the rust comes off the head, remove the putter and rinse and wipe a soft cloth.

Actually there are so many simple steps in polishing your Scotty Cameron Putter . The best way to clean your putter depends on you. If you love your putter, you will do everything to protect him. After all, it is the putter that helps you to be successful.

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