I have no nerves for another Solheim Cup – Pettersen

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Highlights: Europe beat the US with one point to win the Solheim Cup

Suzann Pettersen says that her immediate retirement after winning the Solheim Cup was not planned and she "does not have the nerves" for another action for Europe against the United States.

The Norwegian, 38, sank the crucial well in the exciting win over the US after almost two years out of the game.

The world number 665 was set as vice-captain before he received a wildcard from Europe & # 39; s captain Catriona Matthew.

"It's just a fairy tale that ends with what was a great week," she said.

"I have to honor our Captain Catriona Matthew. She was excellent – calm and collected, and she was confident that we could do it on Sunday.

" I just want to thank her for the opportunity, because not in my wildest dreams I had ever thought that would happen again. "

Pettersen – at the center of controversy over the concession of a putt in the 2015 competition – took time out of the game in November 2017 to have a baby.

But after returning to competitive golf earlier this year, Matthew gave her a surprising ninth appearance in the biennial competition.

She paid her back the faith of the captain by winning an exciting victory over Marina Alex with a birdie on the 18th and a moment she says impossible to surpass.

"I never thought I could do this again," Pettersen told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"I have it always said, the Solheims have meant the world to me.

"It is probably [given me] the biggest highlights of my career and because I am part of it on Sunday on the 18th green, nothing ever goes above it, so I might as well go to the top and say enough enough.

"It doesn't matter if I win another big or regular tournament – nothing will beat it.

"For me, it was almost a perfect stage to say goodbye to professional golf."

Minutes after drilling the most memorable putt of her career, Pettersen announced her retirement – but says it was not a premeditated decision.

"It just occurred to me when I was standing there with everyone. It was not planned. I just grabbed the moment," said the double champion.

"I'm done now. I told the girls this is it, I'm not going to do it again. I have no nerves."

Watch the moment that Europe wins the Solheim Cup with the last putt

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