#IntSeries: Tassie men on a mission

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It's a big week for all competitors on the #IntSeries, but it's huge for the Tasmanians host.

And while the women's team started the next generation, the men's team has a "now or never" feeling about this.

The men's team has remained largely unchanged in the last 4-5 years and regularly knocked on the door of higher awards without taking the next gigantic step.

Now, with some of the experienced members of the squadron who consider it representative retirement, it's the chance to make that leap at the bottom of the house where the team of eight men is on a mission.

Captain Mitch Van Noord said that if the Apple Islanders could salute, this might make a few decisions.

"Given that there are a few of them who are members of Tassie, it would be good if we could get it out – why would you not (when retired) if you thought about it?", Van Noord said

"I think everyone can win on their day and we certainly have a red-hot chance this year.

"We have come close to (against) Queensland and New South (Wales), but we have to fight it all the way to the end.

"We haven't talked about it yet, I think everyone knows what to do, we just have to go on the hard yards and fight it out at that time."

Tasmania won the first # IntSeries title at Royal Hobart in 1968, and then again at the home base at this year's men's school club Tasmania in 1974. It has not won anywhere since 1977 in Woodlands in Melbourne.

And although the Tigers are not starting favorites this week, it should come as no surprise that they have seen their northern counterparts push over the past few years to see them win with No. 4

"We have worked hard at the Tassie golf club in recent weeks to prepare for this," said Van Noord.

"Do the practice, match the game there … just learn the course.

"It would mean anything – for the guys in Tassie, it's the biggest event of the year."

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