Is The Golf Swing Plane important and why

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Many golfers with a high handicap do not know why they can not hit the ball solid, but I can assure you that the majority of their golf swing plane is off. They do not come down and in the ball on the plane. So what is this. When you put the ball up and put your club on the ground behind the ball, you create a plane with your shaft, coming from the hosel of the club near the ground, the shaft up and your middle part dissected.

This angle with the club shaft is crucial for solid ball flags, so you really have to pay attention to it. I want you to imagine that you have to get back to the same position you started with, given that your hips are slightly open to the target and your hands are a bit ahead of the ball, causing the shaft of the shaft to come forward obliquely .

Apart from those elements, you must imagine this idea from back to the ball. So whatever you do in the backswing, your goal must be to achieve impact in a similar position to address.

Not so important is your backswing, but your downswing is critical to having a & # 39; on plane & # 39; golf swing. When you come down, the butt of your club should point to (slightly above or below) a line that extends about 2-3 feet behind the ball.

If you want to stop halfway and check it down, the butt should point a few feet behind the ball near this line. If so, you have a very good chance to collide with the club shaft in the right position to break the golf ball.

The problem occurs when your hands are considerably higher (or lower) than when you come to impact. That makes it very difficult to hit the ball with a downstroke with the irons. This problem with the golf game is very important for golfers to watch out for. The best way to find out is to get an overview of their swing on video. If you do, pull the club shaft up from the floor (hosel or club), up and through the body.

Then watch the video in high speed when you come down. Slow down or interrupt it at impact. How close to the line is your clubshaft at impact? Where are your hands? Are they in a similar location as an address? Most likely not, and you have to solve this problem if you want to hit the ball solidly and with every power.

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