Julienne Soo receives Augusta invitation

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Credit: Oklahoma Sooners

Julienne Soo from Australia belongs to the group of women who will write history at Augusta National when the legendary Georgia club organizes its very first ladies' tournament in April.

Soo, 21, a Melburnian who has attended a golf fair at Oklahoma University for the past three years, received the invitation today on campus in Oklahoma City.

Today she told the & # 39; Inside The Ropes & # 39; podcast of Golf Australia that they & # 39; already practicing & # 39; she was so enthusiastic about the opportunity.

"The official list was announced this morning and I was lucky enough to be on that list," she said. "I was seriously excited when I was called, I could not believe it, it's a chance and I can not wait to leave in April."

Sixty-six of the 72 players participating in the Augusta National Women & # 39; s Amateur Championship are named today, with Soo as the only Australian.

There are six remaining places that have to be announced.

The catch is that the first 36 holes of the 54 holes tournament will be played in the nearby Champions Retreat. Then there will be a cut, after which the leading players will compete at Augusta National, writing their own piece of history.

"It will be really cool if I can play Augusta, but only the fact that I can play the tournament, frankly, it's great."

She grew up in Melbourne and was an avid supporter of the Masters. "I'm sure every child, when they were young, always dreamed of going to the Masters, I would always wake up at these God-early hours to watch only the live coverage in Australia. already want to see Masters, I've always wanted to see Augusta, see how it really is, even just within the ropes, so even getting the chance to play is an honor. "

Soo won two young youth titles as a teenager in Melbourne. She is one of the most decorated players in the history of Oklahoma Sooners.

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