Kuchar pays temporary caddy entirely after row

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Matt Kuchar was reportedly delayed delayed during his first round of rain. Genesis Open in California

Matt Kuchar has issued an apology and says he will pay a temporary caddy in full after his victory at the Mayakoba Golf Classic in November last November.

The American golfer, 40, defended his decision to pay $ 5,000 (£ 3,900) to local caddy David Ortiz, who stepped in for the ordinary caddy John Wood.

World number 22 Kuchar collected a winners' check for $ 1.3m (£ 1.01m).

Caddies can normally expect to receive up to 10% depending on their appointment with the player.

Ortiz reportedly asked for $ 50,000 (about £ 39,000) instead of 10% of the first prize.

"This week I made comments that were not contact and insensitive, making a bad situation worse," Kuchar said in a statement after he was reportedly in the phone. first round of rain-delayed Genesis Open on Friday.

"They made it seem like I marginalized David Ortiz and his financial situation, which was not my intention, I read them again and contracted.

" That's not who I am and not what I want to represent. In this situation I did not live up to those values ​​or the expectations that I have set myself

"I left myself, my family, my partners and those close to me, but I also dropped David.

"I intend to call David, something that should have happened much earlier, to apologize for the situation he is in, and I have made sure that he has received the full amount he has requested . "

Kuchar, who said earlier this week that he" would not lose sleep "over the queue confirmed that he had paid Ortiz $ 5,000 and that he then offered an extra $ 15,000, which Ortiz refused after the story

According to Kuchar he and Ortiz originally agreed to have a bonus structure that would have allowed Ortiz to make $ 4,000 for the week.

"I never wanted to bring any negativity to Mayakoba Golf Cl assic, "added Kuchar.

" I think it's my job to represent the tournament well, so I'll make a donation back to the event, to be distributed to the many philanthropic goals that work to positively influence communities. from Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

"For my fans, as well as fans of the game, I want to apologize for not presenting the values ​​taught in this incredible sport."

Kuchar's regular caddy John Wood, who was not in Mexico last November, added on social media: "I do not understand the need for a man who has spent his career defending the game and himself to remove some rather high standards.

"Nobody is perfect. Everything we can do when an error is made is reconsidered, apologized and made good.

"Matt, his whole family and team have never been anything but generous, inclusive, respectful and compliment of mine and the job I do for him. I would not work for someone I did not respect, or who did not appreciate my opinion.

"Cruising for one mistake feels wrong."

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