Matt Wallace finds success after changing technique

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As a team, the coaches have reduced errors and improved their game considerably. "We have made his swing shorter, his strike quality is better and the flight is more consistent," Rock said. "With the short game, we also used other players to help Matt improve, such as Thomas Bjorn and Paul Lawrie, with whom we also work together."

The road to success is a whirlwind, Wallace

"It started with the Alps Tour, a kind of mini-tour that travels through Europe, to the Europe tour," he said. "I noticed that I played very well and I found myself in a very good position, when it was the Challenge Tour, it did well in my first event in Kenya, got 25th in Turkey and was invited to play Portugal. I managed to win, which brought me my European Tour card, it was a crazy eight months, and it just went from there, my game just got better over time, I do not think there's anything secret – it's I've always had the feeling of winning golf tournaments, I've just started to go up by the ranks. "

On the way, he followed closely a fellow Englishman, Tommy Fleetwood, who was quicker attendance. The two have played a few times over the past few years.

"We've had a few chats," Wallace said. "It's funny, you can not just ask about his attendance and success, it's a difficult question:" How do you do that? "The answer is almost always hard work. I, and he is at the top of his game, he will be there for a long time, he is a brilliant player, hopefully I can experience where he is. "

Wallace has followed Fleetwood closely. "I love learning from these guys like Tommy," Wallace said. "His iron game is unbelievable, and that tells me that my iron game should be better, I went back and talked to my coaches, and we worked on it, and the next week my iron game was great, I tried basically swinging like Tommy, with that detailed run, and I won that week. "

Last year Wallace set the goal to break into the top 50 of the European Tour. He is floating just north of it at number 61. Now, with four European Tour titles and three just this year, Wallace is not trying to change anything.

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