Merger meetings between Huntingdale, The National

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Huntingdale Golf Club is a pearl of the famous sand band. Image: Getty

Two large Victorian clubs have begun talks about a merger that has an unprecedented & # 39; Super Club & # 39; would create.

The National, which has three courses at Cape Schanck on the Mornington Peninsula plus one at Frankston just south of Melbourne, has started talks with Huntingdale Golf Club, a gem of Melbourne's sand band and the long-standing host of the Australian masters .

If the merger went ahead – and it is subject to a vote from both existing clubs – it would create a club with five world-class golf courses, and by far the largest club in Australia.

The National has previously been proactive in expanding its facilities. It merged with Long Island Country Club in 2015 to create the current 72-hole facility, giving members a play opportunity closer to Melbourne.

There have been rumors that for a while the club wanted to enter into a partnership with a club in Melbourne to complete the set, so to speak.

In a statement from the respective club masters released today, the clubs & # 39; prior discussions & # 39; about a merger.

"There are many potential benefits of a merger, including providing a

golf offer with paralelle comprising five championship courses and

associated first-class exercise facilities spread over three geographical

locations – everything for the price of one membership fee, "according to the statement

It added that the club committees had signed a confidentiality agreement to exchange information and build a business case.

"Once these intermediate steps have been completed, both committees will consider the


information prepared and will approve or reject continuation of merger

discussions. It is important to note that if the committees opt out on formal terms, the

members of each club would vote separately on the agreed proposal and

such members would have the final say on whether or not the merger will take place. "

In the case of the Long Island merger, members of that club were automatically offered membership to The National without having to buy a share, although The National is a share-based club

Not surprisingly, they voted 98 percent in favor of the merger.

Huntingdale plays since 1941 at the current location in South Oakleigh

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