Murray falls on his sword

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Zach Murray at the 2019 ISPS Handa Vic Open.

New Victorian pro Zach Murray said he was only to blame today after a scoring error forced his disqualification from the ISPS Handa Vic Open.

Murray, the WA Open champion last year before becoming a professional, had a nightmare on the par-five second on the Beach Course on 13 Beach in strong wind and hard rain.

But worse was to come as a result of his excursion to the rough on the adjacent eighth hole.

After a shaft, a lost ball, a penalty drop and other calamities, it was originally thought by his group in the midst of the drama that Murray had undergone a threefold bogey eight.

He told Darren Beck that he wanted to check after the round, but essentially forgot until he left the score garden area.

As soon as he and caddy Marty Joyce thought about it, Murray realized his mistake and returned to confess his mistake and score of nine to officials who had no choice according to the Rules of Golf, but to disqualify the 21-year-old .

"People have praised me for being honest, but they should give me a slap not to review the score," Murray said.

"The whole golf game is based on integrity at every level and once I realized the mistake, there was simply no other option than to explain the mistake.

"It was an erroneous" rookie "and no one else is mine, I will clearly learn from it, I suspect it is all part of the journey

"The weather was a battle for everyone at different times in the day and also yielded a lot of experience for the bank.

"I think I saw a chicken laying the same egg three times, it was so windy on one hole."

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